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Firefox Releases Experimental Tab Candy

Release of Mozilla Firefox Tab Candy

Mozilla Firefox Tab Candy - Alpa Prototype

What to expect from Firefox’s Tab Candy

According to Aza Raskin, the Creative Lead for Mozilla, Tab Candy basically reimagines browsing features through a reorganization and regrouping of tabs. Raskin introduced Tab Candy through his blog, giving Firefox fans a glimpse of Tab Candy’s awesome features. The following are some juicy details about how Tab Candy works:

- To launch Tab Candy, you simply have to click on a small button found at the right part of the tabs.
- When you click on the Tab Candy button, you will be redirected to a page that provides you with an overview of all your tabs (Tab Candy overview page). You can scan through all of your opened tabs through this page.
- With Tab Candy, you can actually drop and drag tabs to reorganize them. To make things easier, this experimental feature from Firefox allows users to even name their tab groups for better tab management.
- The days of dealing with an overcluttered tab bar are over. When you click a certain tab, the Firefox browser will only open related tabs or tabs that are part of that tab’s group.
- You can change your tab groups anytime by just going back to the tab overview page.
- You can fully customize your tab groups, especially if you want easier access to more important tabs such as email and calendar tabs.

Through these experimental features, Tab Candy users won’t ever have to deal with missing or cluttered tabs. And because you can easily group your tabs according to your preferences, a customized tab management system will make your life easier.

As of today, the experimental Tab Candy feature only offer limited capabilities. However, Raskin states that “this is only the beginning.” Other features that the Mozilla group is trying to develop include a save for later tab, advanced management of tab memory, customization of tab groups, multiple profile support, and automatic assignments of tab groups.

Existing issues and bugs

Take note that Tab Candy is not a Firefox extension, but is actually an “early alpha prototype” program that is open to users who wish to tryout Firefox’s latest invention. Feedback from users will be used by Raskin and his group in developing and improving Tab Candy. According to Raskin, the project is in a stage wherein the research and development group is open for feedback and suggestions from users. And because this project is still in its early alpha prototype stage, users will probably encounter performance issues and other bugs. These bugs may cause you to lose some of your tab groups or might make the Firefox browser move slower than usual. However, Firefox is currently building a dedicated group that will tackle existing bugs.

Next steps for Firefox

Currenly, Raskin and his group are focused on start-up performance, refactoring, code documentation, and doing unit tests. For users who want to follow along with Raskin and his group as they add improvements to Tab Candy, they can simply check out Raskin’s blog for updates.

The web and browser experience has definitely changed, thanks to improvements offered by different browser giants such as IE, Firefox, Safari, and Google. However, tab browsing is still one area that needs a lot of improvement. With Firefox’s Tab Candy, users can expect a more user-friendly and sweeter tabbed browsing experience.