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New Browser Speed Tests with Opera 10.6

The Opera Hummingbird Experience

Opera 10.6, The Hummingbird Experience - Courtesy of Opera

When the first Opera browser hit the market back in 1996, it was well-received by the public.  Over the years, Opera continued to update their browser, including various features, functions, and options.  One of the factors that drew consumers toward Opera was the fact that the browser was fast, secure, and had original features.  In fact, Opera has originated numerous features and functions that have now become industry standards for browsers.  On July 1st, just about a week ago, the newest member of the Opera web browser family just made its public debut.  In this article, we’re going to cover some of the best things about Opera 10.6 and we’ll also give you some of the browser’s benchmark results.

What’s so great about Opera 10.6?

Perhaps the best thing about Opera 10.6 is that it is one of the fastest (overall) web browsers currently available.  The symbol that Opera has chosen for its latest release is a hummingbird, the world’s fastest animal on earth with a wingbeat rate ranging from an average of 10-15 beats per second to a record-setting 80 beats per second.  This is the kind of speed that Opera 10.6 seeks to emulate and, if you ask us, it does a great job.  Aside from its speed, which we will delve into, here are some of the other great features you can expect on Opera 10.6:

-  Integrated web search, allowing you to type your search term right into the address bar.
-  Opera Link is an easy-to-use feature that lets you back up and synchronize your data between various devices, like computers, laptops, and mobiles.
-  The Opera Turbo feature makes browsing even faster than ever before by compressing webpages before downloading and displaying them.
-  Mouse gesture support allows you to control your browser and navigate the web with simple movements with your mouse.
-  The tab system on Opera is very well-made, giving you visual previews and allowing you to lock tabs, or even privatize tabs for your own security.
-  The Speed Dial function is a customizable interface that allows you to view your favorite webpages at a glance and access them with a click.
-  Another awesome feature of Opera 10.6 is its content blocking feature that can be used to remove certain images, content, and animations depending on your settings and preferences.

Opera 10.6 benchmark results

Here are some of the results from benchmarks run on Opera 10.6 using a MacBookPro with a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM:

-  Off of a cold start, Opera 10.6 has an average load time that takes longer than Safari 5, but still faster compared to Firefox 3.6.6.
-  Opera 10.6 fared worse on warm starts, falling into last place with its average warm start time.
-  Opera 10.6′s average time for a 9-tab load is much slower than the other browsers, especially Chrome 6, which came out first in this test.
-  The main benchmark test in which Opera 10.6 blew the competition away is Java Script loading.  It is much faster than the second-placer Chrome 6.

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