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Google’s Chrome Now the Third Most Used Browser in the US

The logo of Google Chrome

Google Chrome now Top Three in the U.S.

Just last week, Google’s Chrome proved itself mighty enough to grab the third spot as the most used browser from Apple’s Safari. The figures used for the reports were according to StatCounter. According to Aodhan Cullen, the Chief Executive of StatCounter, Google’s Chrome was able to climb from zero to 10% in terms of US market shares just within two years. This amazing feat was definitely enough to put Chrome into the spotlight and steal the third place from Apple’s pre-installed browser Safari. Cullen also said that a “royal battle” has been going on between Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome in the field of Internet browsers, as well as in the field of smartphones. Because of this, users in the US and all over the globe can expect a lot more from Chrome as it continues its upward climb in terms of usability and popularity.

Just recently, Google’s Chrome ended with an 8.97% of the US market for Internet browsers, topping Apple’s Safari, which was able to grab 8.88% of the US market for net browsers. With Safari losing an approximate of 1.5% to Chrome, there is definitely a tight competition between Apple and Google.

The browser wars

Despite the fact that Google’s Chrome was able to unseat Apple’s Safari for the third spot, Mozilla’s Firefox still remained as the second most used Internet browser, with a total of 28.48% users. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) remained the most popular browser, with a strong US market share of 52%.

On an international level, Google’s Chrome is proving to be a tough contender as it is able to grab a global market share of 9.44%. Because of this, it is slowly but surely closing the gap between it and Mozilla’s Firefox. Firefox, on a global level, has a global market share that’s a bit higher than 31%, while IE is able to grab 52.78% of the global market for Internet browsers.

Reasons for Google’s climb uphill

Google’s Chrome is able to top Apple’s Safari in terms of US market shares because it constantly releases updates and improvements. These improvements and updates are steadily turning Chrome from a new favorite into a mainstream competitor. Google’s Chrome may still need some work to be able to compete with Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer but it’s definitely on a roll. Plus, Google’s Chrome features various plug-ins, making it a favorite among many Mac users. Some users have also claimed that Chrome is a bit memory-friendly compared to Safari, making Chrome a truly lightweight browsing software.

Of course, comparing Apple’s Safari to Google’s Chrome isn’t really like comparing oranges to oranges, but Chrome’s performance in recent months has proven that in order for a browser to be popular, it doesn’t really have to come pre-installed in a PC. As for Apple’s Safari, although it is a pre-installed software for Mac users, hasn’t made much hooplah in the browser market. Some analysts have also claimed that if Google’s Chrome is able to unseat Apple’s Safari from its third place throne, Mozilla’s Firefox should be ready to face a strong challenger.