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Farmville Bug Leads to an Update in Firefox

If you’re one of those Farmville fans who recently experienced bugs when using Mozilla’s Firefox, this is definitely a bit of good news. Just recently, Farmville gamers using Mozilla’s Firefox as their browser experienced an annoying occurrence because of Firefox’s way of dealing with hung plug-ins in the swiftest way possible. But fret not. Mozilla has recently released an update to deal with this issue, so fans of one of the most popular games in Facebook can breathe a little easier.

Details on the issue

In accordance to Mozilla’s plan to provide its Firefox users a better way to surf the net, it has recently updated its crash protection features. However, this quick crash protection feature interfered with a lot of Farmville users accessing the net through Firefox. With this recent update, Firefox has the means to kill a plug-in if it becomes unresponsive for more than 10 seconds. This means that if any net-based program running on Microsoft’s Silverlight, Apple’s QuickTime, or Adobe’s Flash Player becomes unresponsive or crashes for more than 10 seconds, Firefox will automatically kill it. Users will then be prompted with a message informing them that Firefox “has killed the plug-in.”

However, this fast-acting feature of Firefox has prevented some Farmville users from playing the game, leading to complaints from plenty of users. Because Firefox knows that plenty of Farmville fans are also Firefox users, they have come up with an update to fix the bug. As a response to the overwhelming number of complaints received, Mozilla quickly came up with a solution, which is to extend the 10-second waiting time to 45 seconds. Because plenty of users complained that their Firefox browsers have been shutting down their Farmville games, the people at Mozilla opted for a longer waiting time in terms of hung up plug-ins.

According to Mozilla developer Justin Dolske in response to the Farmville bug experienced by Firefox users, “”Let’s hit this with a big hammer and make it 45 (seconds).” Mozilla’s head of engineering Mike Shaver agreed with Dolske. This resulted in a release of a new Firefox update.

The Farmville bug as the main factor behind Firefox update

Although it was the Farmville bug that prompted Mozilla to update the Firefox, this wasn’t the only incident wherein Firefox’s anti-crash software interfered with hung plug-ins. However, because of the number of complaints and the possibility that a lot of Firefox users could be affected by the Farmville bug, Mozilla quickly acted on the issue and developed a fix.

In order for users to use the updated Firefox version, they can simply click on “check for updates” found on the browser’s help menu, or download the new edition. Mozilla also suggests a workaround when dealing with the Farmville bug. According to Mozilla, users can simply turn off or disable the OOPP (Out Of Process Plug-ins). The OOPP is a feature that allows Firefox to keep on running despite plug-in crashes. For complete instructions on how to turn off or disable this Firefox feature, users can access a support document online.