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A Close Look at Leaked Windows 8 Blueprint

There surely are a lot of rumors buzzing around Windows 8, after speculations that this would be a 128-bit OS that’s slated for release a couple of years from now.  With insider scoops on this new upgrade by Microsoft, it’s creating bigger waves in the news headlines.  Based on leaked documents and presentations of what Windows 8 is bound to be, we can say that Microsoft has bigger plans for the latest edition of its Windows OS.  The proposed features (if indeed they are true) are quite impressive and hold a lot of promise, making Windows aficionados all the more excited to hear the latest from Microsoft.  This article will give you a peek at the some of the features of Windows 8 and will tell you why you have every reason to look forward to using this new OS.

Leaked documents of Windows 8

As early as now, we’re given plenty of ideas of what Microsoft could possibly bring into the new OS for Windows.  Microsoft insiders have leaked some spec sheets that are now featured in different Windows sites.  The leaked spec sheets were first featured in an Italian site called Windowsette, which luckily got hold of Microsoft presentations that outline that new developments for Windows 8.  The top-secret information then spread like wildfire and made its way to English-language sites that showed the PowerPoint slides for public viewing.

These documents contain the blueprint of Windows 8.  If this is the real deal or another forged paper trail, however, nobody knows for sure.  But anybody who’s been using Windows shouldn’t dare miss the juicy specs, which include the following:

-  better startup times
-  support hi-speed connectivity (USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0)
-  cutting-edge technology (facial recognition, etc.)
-  support for wireless 3D and HDTV
-  easy ways to repair OS glitches through self-diagnosis by users themselves

Based on this short list of features, anyone can say that Microsoft is very ambitious with Windows 8 they’re currently developing.

Faster startup times

The common complaint about Windows is that startup takes too long, especially when compared to Google Chrome, which offers an instant-on feature to improve user experience.  The upcoming operating system by Google will instantly get you connected online after mere seconds of pushing the power button.   Based on the spec sheets of Windows 8, however, it looks like Microsoft is doing its best to improve speed and give users faster startup times.  Windows 8 will address concerns on the boot process and is designed to optimize startups.  This seems to be a main priority, making sure that users won’t have to endure further delays so they can check their emails, get access to their files, and get connected to the web fast enough.

Facial recognition and other specs

Perhaps the juiciest detail anyone can get from the leaked blueprint of Windows 8 is the facial recognition feature, following the release of front-facing cameras in smartphones like the HTC EVO 4G and the Apple iPhone 4, as well as the popular use of webcams in laptops.  It is said that facial recognition could log the user automatically after detecting its presence–now that’s innovative!

The prototype of Windows 8 all-in-one desktop also has a Mac-like feel to it.  Other featured specs include the following:  DirectX GPU, recognition-based log-in. voice control, HD video, and a touch display that measures 17 to 30 inches.

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