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WordPress 3.0 Version is Released

As a blogging software known for its easy-to-use features, WordPress releases its latest version — the WordPress 3.0. According to a group of volunteers, the popular blogging software known for its open-source capabilities will continue to provide a better software for bloggers through its 13th major software release. Provided by a total of 218 volunteers, the WordPress 3.0 version contains more than 2700 updates and changes, including 1217 fixes for bugs.

What to expect from WordPress 3.0

When it comes to features, the most talked about topic is probably the new version’s ability “to run multiple blogs.” In the previous WordPress version, each blog on a website can only be run when opened in a separate WordPress copy. Site administrators can only run multiple blogs from the same copy if they use WordPress MU, a specialized version created for this task. With the 3.0 version however, users can now run multiple blogs by just using the main WordPress version. In the latest software release, WordPress MU is already integrated into the main WordPress copy. According to a consulting and research firm that focuses on software development (Real Story Group), this integration should offer easier deployment especially for site developers and administrators.

Real Story Group also stated that WordPress MU wasn’t really that easy to use and deploy. But because of the WordPress 3.0 version, this issue becomes a thing of the past.

Another plus point earned by WordPress as it released its 3.0 version is that it gets rid of the edge MovableType has over WordPress. As another blogging platform, MovableType has been offering features that allow for multiple blogs to be run from the main platform version. However, many users still preferred WordPress because of its user-friendly interface and the fact that WordPress uses PHP, which is easier to comprehend than what MovableType uses, which is the Perl language. Now that WordPress 3.0 offers the same features, more users will probably prefer WordPress over MovableType.

Other nifty features

WordPress fans will definitely enjoy another feature offered by the WordPress 3.0, which is the software’s capability to allow users to build customized post types. Instead of tagging each page as a blog post, the page can actually be defined according to terms specified by the blogger. This means each page can represent an item or product for example, with the related model and price indicated in the corresponding fields. This feature of the WordPress 3.0 makes it a viable tool not just for bloggers, but also for those managing a website’s entire content.

WordPress may have started as a blogging platform but with all its newest features, WordPress is starting to venture into web content management. As a matter of fact, many non-blog based websites are using WordPress as their platform, and as a system, WordPress is beginning to look and feel more like Drupal.

Bloggers who wish to see what the WordPress 3.0 buzz is all about can now download the updated version from their administration dashboards. According to a spokesperson of Automattic, one of the biggest provider (hosted) of blogs that use WordPress, it has already updated all of the WordPress blogs to the 3.0 version.

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