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A Look at the Much-awaited iPhone 4

An image of White and Black iPhone 4 Models

iPhone 4 Courtesy of Apple

The Apple iPhone is considered a masterpiece by many mobile phone users.  When it first came out, some can’t help but be in awe of its sleek design, impressive software capabilities, and tons of apps that can be downloaded for the user’s full enjoyment.  But considering the latest developments in the market, it seems like the Apple iPhone is facing its toughest competition to date, Android-powered smartphones.  Different smartphones from Samsung, LG, and HTC (to name a few) were developed based on Google’s mobile operating system, the Android.  And now that Google is coming out with a new version code-named FroYo or Android 2.2, things seem to heat up between the Apple iPhone  and the Android.  It seems like many Android-based smartphones have successfully caught up with Apple’s innovations.  They also have geo-tagging features, give users crisp images and video, and come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities.  So what does Apple have to do?  Come out with the new and improved iPhone 4 to seal its status in the market!

What iPhone 4 has to offer

iPhone 4 is set to offer great features so they can keep their hold on iPhone fans and new smartphone buyers.  During the World Wide Developers Conference last Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was more than happy to drop some hints about the new iPhone.  Based on what he’s willing to share, it looks like the iPhone 4 has improved video features and many other specs.  Enhanced features include recording in high-def video, exactly at 720p for 30 frames per second.  The new piece of hardware by Apple will also have a front-facing camera, which seems to be the standard not only for newly launched smartphones but even for tablets.  This new feature will enable video chats, especially with upgrades on the Skype app, and would work well with the FaceTime feature that is set to work through Wi-Fi and between two iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4 will also feature a 5-MP camera, placed on the back, with LED Flash.  Following the latest trends, geo-tagging capabilities are also available in the new iPhone for your videos and photos.  Digital data imprinted with the image or video will include information on where they were shot.  Another impressive feature of the new iPhone is that image-focusing is done through taps.  The Apple CEO also confirmed that there will be an iMovie app.  This app is a mobile editing tool that will allow you to create amazing video series or movies, which is better than most standard apps.

Android versus the iPhone

Apple is surely working on the improved OS for the iPhone 4.  After the release of the iPad, which sold more than 2 million, the iPhone 4 can’t dare disappoint fans, especially now that more alternatives are available through Android-based smartphones from LG, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.  It also looks like a lot of apps that were exclusive to the iPhone have versions that are up for grabs in the Android Market.

In the World Wide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs  presented a Nielsen study saying that the iPhone continues to dominate the market.  The iPhone got 28 percent in market share compared to Android phones’ 19 percent.  However, he didn’t refer to the previous data suggesting that there were more Android phones sold in the first quarter.

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