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iPhone Apps Previews of Twitter, BBC Listener, X2 Soccer and 1000 Exercises

Some of you iPhone users out there may be feeling a little down-and-out after hearing about the news that Android mobile phones have eclipsed the Apple iPhone in the mobile phone industry.  Still, it’s important to count your blessings in times of disappointment or strife, and here are a few more blessings to count for all of you iPhone fans.  Here’s a list of some of the best iPhone apps you can find this week:

BBC Listener

If you love news, history, documentaries, and mostly radio content, then you should definitely check out this handy new app from BBC called the BBC Listener.  The BBC Listener is an app that allows you to tap into both old and new radio shows that are released by BBC.  While you can find some of these radio shows in podcast format, the BBC Listener gives you access to a whole range of extra content that is typically difficult to find or non-existent in podcast form.  Get the app for $1 and you get a 30-day trial of the BBC Listener services, after which you will have to pay $13 quarterly to continue using the service.


You can say that this app for the Apple iPhone has been long overdue.  Sure there have been a bunch of Twitter apps created by third-party developers, but none have come from Twitter itself, that is until now!  The newly released, official Twitter app comes on the heels of Twitter’s acquisition of Atebits, a developer that became well-known for its third-party Tweetie 2 app, which is still considered one of the best of all Twitter apps.  Now that Twitter has acquired Atebits, they discontinued the distribution of Tweetie 2 and released the official Twitter app, which is pretty much exactly the same as Tweetie 2.  You can grab this app now for free.

1000+ Exercises

Let’s cut straight to the point: exercise is grueling.  Not only do you have to put up with the whole “no pain, no gain!” attitude, but you also have to pay careful attention to your diet and your exercise regimens.  Well, 1000+ Exercises is an app that has been released by Men’s Health magazine to help you create excellent exercise regimens, from daily runs and weight training to complex workouts.  You can create and save custom workouts, find links to Men’s Health, or simply browse through the 1,000+ exercises this app provides at just $6.

X2 Soccer

Now, what would the list of best iPhone apps be without a game in there?  Well, this week, the game app to keep your eyes on is X2 Soccer.  Developed by X2 Games and being sold by Exient Ltd., X2 Soccer is a well-polished soccer game that can rival pretty much any other iPhone soccer game app out there.  Fresh graphics, amazing controls, and features galore help make this a must-have app for any soccer lover, gaming addict, or casual gamer.  Choose from 150 club teams, 30 competitions, play modes like “Dream Team” mode, single player or multiplayer modes, and more.  Yo can get this app for $7.

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