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iPhone apps preview of Square, PewPew 2, Zombie Infection and Karate Champ

With the recent release of the iPad, much of consumer attention has shifted toward iPad apps and the likes.  Still, we know that there are lots of you out there who look forward to new iPhone app releases every day – just like we do.  So here are the iPhone apps of the week:


If you haven’t heard of it already, then you’ll be pretty darn happy to read about it here.  Square is one of the latest and greatest innovations to hit the market.  If you have ever found yourself wishing you could receive or make a credit card payment to someone on the go, then Square is just what you’ve been looking for.  When you sign up with Square and pay for your app, you will get a small, square-shaped credit card swiper that plugs right into your iPhone’s headphone jack.  You can then use the Square to take credit card payments straight on your phone.  You can also pay others who have the Square in the same manner.  Grab it for free and take credit card payments from virtually anyone, anywhere.

PewPew 2

Don’t you love that tell-tale sound of a laser gun going off in a movie or cartoon?  “Pewpew! pewpew!”  Ahh yes, it brings back memories of watching the original Star Wars Trilogy, doesn’t it?  Well, as though reminiscing about Star Wars wasn’t good enough, you can now make more sci-fi, fantasy-invoking memories at the sound of “pewpew!” with the release of Pewpew 2.  Pewpew 2 is the sequel to the awarded-winning top-down space shooter PewPew.  PewPew 2 gives you more levels, weapons, unlockable ships, 60Hz gameplay, and new game modes.  Buy it for around $2 and you certainly won’t regret it!

Zombie Infection

If wireframe 3D graphics and “pewpew” lasers aren’t good enough for you, then you may want to engage in the more realistic, slightly more sadistic Zombie Infection.  This game is brought to you by Gameloft, a game developer that has become known for such titles as Brothers in Arms, Driver, NOVA, Avatar, and Gangstar.  Zombie Infection is a game that gives you good graphics, relatively good controls, and the undeniable fun of killing mindless zombies.  You can get the game for $7.

Karate Champ

As though we don’t have enough games on the list already, here comes another one: Karate Champ.  How could we not include this on the list?  For those who don’t know, Karate Champ is a video game classic that dates back to the days long before the arrival of Street Fighter and Tekken.  The Karate Champ app not only gives you classic gaming fun, but it also hopes to give you a full retro-gaming experience with arcade-style cabinet controls.  If you miss this Commodore 64 original, then you definitely need to download the Karate Champ app.  This impeccably-detailed rehash will take you straight back to your childhood.  Price isn’t confirmed yet, but the game should hit the app store within the week.

With all these available apps, iPhone owners will definitely have more reasons to stay addicted to their nifty multi-purpose smartphone.

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