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The Bikers Dream Apps Come True

Every day, thousands, if not millions of people get on their bikes to exercise, work, or play.  They bike down to a nearby park, make their way to work, make their usual rounds around the neighborhood, head down to a friend’s house, join bicycle marathons, or simply ride around in front of their homes.  Those bikers who are into their gadgets have probably found lots of fun and practical gizmos to make their bike rides more pleasurable, fun, and safe.  With the expansion of the mobile phone industries and the widespread development of computer technology and software, however, one of the most useful gadgets that you can use as a biker has become a mobile phone.  Not only does a mobile phone give you the ability to make or take a call while on your two-wheeler, but the app markets that have emerged for phones like the iPhone and Android-powered devices have made mobile phones indispensable for bikers.  With the right mobile apps, you can find great bike trails, plot bike routes, monitor your exercise while biking, view your biking speed, and manage other information on your bike trips.  In this article we will cover two apps that are a godsend for bikers.

For the iPhone: Mobile Logger

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones out there and many people have one of these devices.  If you own an iPhone then you are probably no stranger to the Apple App Store, which has over 100,000 applications available for the iPhone.  While there are many iPhone apps for bikers, one of the best is Mobile Logger, a multi-functional and extremely useful app for bikers and commuters of all sorts.  Mobile Logger was created by Robert Carlsen, who is based in New York City, where bikers play an integral role in keeping the city running.  The app contains loads of features that allow you to monitor, log, and analyze various facets of biking.  Some of the things that Mobile Logger can help you keep track of include your speed, altitude, heading, sound levels, trip duration, location, distance, destination sharing, and acceleration, using Google Maps for some of its features.  Grab the 2.2mb app from the App Store for free!

For Android devices: Google Maps for Android

Seeing as Android is a Google creation, you wouldn’t expect us to list an app created by any other company, especially considering the fact that Google is one of the best software developers (among many, many other things) of our time.  Google Maps for Android has gotten some great new features with its most recent update.  Google Maps for Android now has a dedicated Google Maps Navigation icon, and it now has support for bicycle routing.  You can share destinations, find bike trails, and more.  This app may not be the most fully-featured biking app for Android, but it is one that can serve multiple purposes, whether for biking or otherwise.  If you are using a phone on Android 1.6 or better, you can make use of Google Maps.

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