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iPhone Apps Preview of ePrint, Joypad, Soundhound and Fifa World Cup

Have you seen the latest apps from Apple Store?  Here we go with the list of this week’s great iPhone apps:

FIFA World Cup

It may not seem like a very good idea to play a soccer game on the iPhone.  How are you supposed to pull off all of your tasty hat tricks, magical ball-handling skills, and precise ball tackles on the iPhone, right?  While the iPhone may not give you as many precise control features as your favorite console or computer gaming controller, the devs over at Electronic Arts have done a great job at making an exciting soccer game with precise controls and tons of fun gaming options.  FIFA World Cup includes a total of 105 international soccer teams to choose from, a Captain Your Country Mode, and 10 stadiums to play in.  You can get this app now for $6.99.


It isn’t all the time that you’ll be printing things form your iPhone, but it can be extremely convenient and useful to be able to do so.  If you love using your iPhone for work, for keeping photos, or for any other use that may have any ties to printing, then you should definitely check out the  app called ePrint.  This app is an easy to use, straightforward printing app that has won the recognition of Macworld as one of the best printing apps for the iPhone.  This app helps your iPhone connect to printers, select printing options, and see previews of the print-out before you execute the print action.  You can try it out for free or grab the full version of the app for $3.


Do you enjoy playing emulated games on your Mac system?  There are tons of NES-emulated games that you can play on your Mac system, but it can be quite difficult to play these games if you don’t have the right controller.  If you want to enjoy your Nintendo games and other emulated games to the max, then you may want to download Joypad for your iPhone.  Joypad allows you to use your iPhone as a wirelessly connected gaming controller for your Mac computer.  Currently, Joypad only has two buttons and the directional pads, but they are working on adding more button layouts, including one for the Super Nintendo (with its d-pad and six button config).  Get the app now for just two bucks.


The iPhone definitely has a great default music player, and there are few, if any, music player apps that are worth switching over to from the default player.   SoundHound is one of those few.  What sets SoundHound apart from the other music player apps (including the default one) is that it has more features.  This app allows you to hum or play a recording of a song through the microphone, then it can playback and look for information on the song (like lyrics or artist and album info) with amazing precision.  SoundHound also plays back practically your entire library (apart from podcasts).  The greatest feature is perhaps its integration with the regular music player.  Close SoundHound while listening to a song, and your song will continue to play through the default player.  Best of all?  It’s free.  Grab it.

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