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iPhone apps preview of mythbusters, Swankolab and Commodore 64

As sure as the sun is hot, here are some of best iPhone apps in the market this week:

Commodore 64

By now, the iPhone has established itself as quite a useful portable gaming machine.  Just recently, however, the iPhone became an excellent portable gaming machine with the arrival of console emulators and rehashes of classics.  Commodore 64 app has been around for some time now, but a recent update made this app a freebie.  The Commodore 64 is an old school home computer system.  The app gives you access to some of the most well-known Commodore 64 games.  The free app comes with a number of titles by default and you can also access the in-app store to buy other titles in the library.  What have you got to lose?  Download it and give it a try.

Opera Mini

Opera originally made a name for itself after it released a relatively lightweight, fast, and functional browser for desktop systems.  Today, Opera is a well-known software entity and it is now delving into the iPhone app market after some controversy that Apple wouldn’t be getting the Opera Mini browser.  If you want an iPhone browser that is something other than Safari, then this is a viable option.  This app has some useful features and it is a great choice for those who use an Opera browser on their desktop computers.  Check it out to see if it’s the right browser for you.


Despite having a name that is rather unbecoming of an app of its type, Swankolab is a cool little app that you can have tons of fun playing with.  Basically, Swankolab turns your iPhone into a virtual darkroom, where you can play with your photographs and turn them into a masterpiece worthy of the glory days of classic darkroom photography.  Load a photograph from your iPhone library, then apply various chemicals to it to see how it comes out.  Some of the effects and tools that you get in Swankolab include saturation altering, vignetting, and retro-looking effects.  Another cool aspect of this app is that you can get new chemicals to apply different effects to your photos.  The uncool part?  The app costs $2 and add-on chemicals may cost you more money.


Some people find Mythbusters to be a rather entertaining and educational show, which is why they decided to throw this app into the mix.  The Mythbusters app is an official app that comes from the Discovery Channel.  What makes this app cool is that it’s a good mix of fun and practicality.  You can play some of the Mythbusters inspired games in the app, chat with others, check out Mythbusters feeds on Twitter and Facebook, post comments on Facebook, tweet your game scores, browse merchandise, watch video clips, and more.  Whether or not you’re a Mythbusters fan, you may want to check out this app.

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