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New Update Comes to Dexpot Bringing Full Windows 7 Integration

For fans of the relatively new Windows 7, two of the beloved features of the operating system are the revamped taskbar and interface.  The taskbar brings excellent versatility, functionality, and organization to the desktop, while the sleek interface makes the operating system a treat for the eyes.  But what happens when you go beyond the basic capabilities of Windows 7 and start venturing into the world of virtual desktops, wherein you can have multiple desktop configurations running on a single machine?  Things can easily get disjointed, disorganized, and cluttered.  That is, of course, if you don’t have a virtual desktop manager like Dexpot.  Dexpot is a piece of software that has been around for some time now, but the most recent update to this great utility makes it a tasty app with zesty new flavors.

What exactly is Dexpot?

Dexpot is a free application that you can download here.  This useful piece of software gives you loads of features, settings, options, and utilities to help you create and manage virtual desktops.  First on the list of Dexpot features is the ability to create up to 20 total workspace.  You can use these workspace to help you keep your work and play organized.  For example, you can do word processing and office work on one workspace, then have another for Internet browsing, and yet another for playing music and videos.  Another great feature of Dexpot is the ability to set up rules, so you can customize each virtual desktop to your liking, with its own wallpaper, screensaver, and resolution.

What’s so great about the latest Dexpot update?

In the latest update to Dexpot, the application gets some cool features to help integrate it fully into Windows 7.  Now, keep in mind that to use these new features you will have to be running Windows 7, simply because they rely on some of the built-in features of the operating system to work.  The main feature is based on is the SevenDex Plugin.  When you activate this plugin, your Dexpot taskbar integration is transported to another dimension when it comes to flexibility.  With the plugin activated, you can hover over the thumbnail of one of your open workspace, and it will show you a full preview of that virtual desktop.  This means you can find the exact workspace you’re looking for without having to waste time shuffling through each one.  The SevenDex plugin also activates Aero Peek for Dexpot, which allows you to hover your mouse over the icon of your current desktop, then it will give you a peek at all of your workspace.  This is extremely useful if you’re the type of person who likes using virtual workspace, as it allows you to quickly see which of your workspace are open. You can simply click on the one that you want to activate.

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