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Software Review of Media Companion

It’s no mystery that the computer and all of the related types of computer technology have made life better for us.  Not only have computers helped in productivity and functionality, but these wonderful pieces of hardware have also become formidable, all-around entertainment machines.  With a computer, you can do anything from simply browsing through the web to playing the newest games, listening to your favorite songs, and viewing all types of video content.  Naturally, the computer has become a place where we store loads of data, from documents and pictures to songs, videos, and other multimedia files.  The downside to this increasingly huge amount of content that has become available to us is that it is now harder than ever to organize and manage one’s files, especially in the case of large multimedia libraries.  This is where Media Companion comes in.  Media Companion is a great tool that helps you organize and catalogue your multimedia library.  With this program you can whip up your media library to supply all of the necessary info on your video, movie, and TV show files.  What does this all mean?  The next time you play a video in your media center or your multimedia player, you’ll have all the info you want and need.

What are some of the features of Media Companion?

Media Companion is primarily geared toward those who want to catalogue their video files with all of the necessary information from the Internet.  For example, let’s say you rip a DVD of your favorite movie.  Chances are, your ripped files may not have embedded information such as the name of the movie, when it was released, who stars in it, a synopsis, and other interesting information.  When you run your movie file through Media Companion, all it takes is a few easy steps to grab this information from other websites and databases, then embed that information into the file.  This means the next time you run your file through XMBC, Boxee, or WMC, the media center will also show the information that you downloaded.  Here are some great features packed into Media Companion:

-  Smart filtering feature that deletes unwanted tag information, then looks for replacements from IMDB or the folder name of your file
-  Compatible with all IMDB mirrors, including mirrors to the IMDB of other countries
-  Find, download, and embed movie and television trailers, thumbnails, posters, fanart, ratings, genres, etc.
-  Support for multiple video file extensions, including mov, mpg, 3pg, wmv, mp4, mkv, divx, avi, iso, and more

This piece of software is extremely useful, especially for those who are rather obsessive compulsive about keeping their multimedia libraries in perfect shape.  You can download it for free and if you like it, you can support the devs by making a donation.