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OS-Choice Feature Will No Longer Be Available to PS3 Gamers

Just recently, Sony Computer Entertainment reduced the prices for its PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. After this, the electronics giant followed up with a feature update: PS3 gamers can no longer use other operating systems, such as Linux. Slated for release in the coming weeks, Sony has decided to remove the OS-Choice feature.

The reasons behind the software update

According to Sony spokesperson Julie Han, they had the consumers’ welfare in mind when they made this decision. By eliminating the OS-Choice feature, Sony aims to provide a more secure gaming system and protect the intellectual property of the games and other content accessible through a PS3 gaming console.

Despite these legit reasons stated by Sony, some can’t avoid but speculate that this was a decision tinged with business reasons. According to an IDC analyst, it’s possible that this was a business decision since the Linux installation has probably caused more customers to make calls. Opportunities for illicit use of PS3 content are also one of the possible consequences of the Linux installation, making Sony come up with a big decision such as removing a very important and popular feature from their PS3 gaming console.

What gamers should take note of

As a feature that was available in older PS3 gaming consoles, the 3.21 software update will disable this option. However, gamers who have bought the existing slimmer PS3 gaming console should not worry since they will not be affected by the update.

PS3 gamers who plan to run the update but have used the OS-choice feature previously should back up all of their data. This is to avoid any data loss when accessing information stored in the hard drive through the new software version.

If a buyer has decided not to run the 3.21 update, he or she will have to face the risk of losing access to other PS3 features.  These include access to Blu-ray movies, newer games, and the PlayStation Network. Another consequence of not running the upgrade is that players won’t be able to play back videos with copyright that are stored in a media server.

How consumers reacted

Sony’s decision to remove the feature that allows gamers to choose whatever operating system they want attracted plenty of reactions, both the good and the bad. Some consumers have claimed that since this feature is included in the payment, they should have the right to use whatever OS they wish to use. Some buyers have also expressed their sentiments that Sony’s decision is a backward move, despite their interests to prevent hackers from illegally accessing content.

As a matter of fact, some consumers thought that this was Sony’s way of pulling off an April Fool’s Day hoax. Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke and many PS3 gamers will soon have to deal with it.

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