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iPhone applications and FCC mobile broadband test

Here we go with this week’s roundup of some of the best, new, and recently updated iPhone apps that you can find in the App Store:

FCC Mobile Broadband Test

Have you ever had the feeling that your broadband provider isn’t giving you the service that they advertise?  Well, you’re not alone.  Do a quick search on the Internet and you’ll find thousands of Internet-users, just like yourself, complaining about not getting the service that they are paying for.  Fortunately for us, the government is trying to do its part with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is in charge of regulating US telecommunications.  Now, you can take part in helping the FCC do its job effectively and efficiently with the FCC Mobile Broadband Test App.  This app allows you to test and monitor whatever mobile data connection you are connected to.  You can test download and upload speeds, latencies, and you can share your results with others.  Pooled results can then be used to analyze the coverage and quality of various mobile broadband connections.  Grab it now for free.

Street Fighter IV

If you were (or still are) one of those kids who loved to spend hours in the arcade, parked in front of Street Fighter with your quarters at hand, then this is the perfect app for you.  Street Fighter IV, the latest installment in this classic fighting franchise, has come to the iPhone.  Now, at first, you might think, “how the heck is a fighting game like Street Fighter IV supposed to work well on the iPhone?”  Well, to keep it short and simple, it just does.  CAPCOM has done a great job of porting this game onto the iPhone and it has received rave reviews from gaming critics and gamers alike.  Of course, you can’t expect to get all of the features that you’ll find in the console version of the game, but the Street Fighter IV app gives you access to eight fighters, seven environments, full move sets, combination attacks, Bluetooth multiplayer, a Dojo mode for practicing, customizable control interface, and four levels of difficulty.  This app is definitely worth its $9.99 price tag and it makes for a great game for casual gamers and hardcore Street Fighter fans alike.


FourSquare is one of those great innovations that makes you think: “I wish I thought of that!”  Not to say that the FourSquare is the next biggest thing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an original and innovative idea.  FourSquare is a new twist on social networking that basically allows you and your friends to keep track of where you are.  Whenever you go somewhere, whether it be a restaurant, bar, club, a friend’s house, or practically anywhere, you check in through FourSquare and it keeps track of where you are and how long you have been there.  You can then share this information with your friends.  FourSquare keeps track of how frequently you go to places and how much time you spend there, and it ranks people based on this information.  It can be great fun if you’re into this kind of thing and it’s all free of charge.

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