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iPhone Apps the week of 4th march

In this segment, we continue our weekly tradition of giving you the scoop on the top app releases for the iPhone and iTouch.  Continue reading for some of the best releases on the Apple App Store for the first week of March 2010.

Gibson Learn & Master

Playing the guitar is loads of fun and the iPhone currently has a bunch of guitar-centered applications that can be used to help you out in your guitar playing, wherever you go.  Gibson Guitars, one of the most well-known guitar manufacturing companies in the world, has partnered up with a software development company named Legacy Learning Systems to create and release one of the newest iPhone apps for guitar players and other musicians.  This application is called Gibson Learn & Master, a handy application that has essential features such as a tuner with various tuning schemes, sample tones for tuning, metronome with various time signature settings, support for tap-tempo setting, a chord library, links to video lessons from the Learn & Master Guitar course, and links to, where you can find news, updates, and events on everything Gibson.  Although this application isn’t particularly better than GuitarToolKit (one of the leading apps for guitarists), it is a feature-packed package that comes free of charge.

Vogue Stylist

Vogue Stylist is great for the fashionable woman who likes to keep up with the cutting edge fashion industry.  This app was produced and released by the internationally-acclaimed fashion conglomerate Vogue.  Basically, Vogue Stylist is a fashion adviser and stylist that presents you with pictures and information on some of the hottest monthly trends in fashion.  You can use the app to mix and match different clothes and looks from Vogue catalogues, you can create virtual wardrobes by taking pictures of your own clothes and adding them to your library.  You can save products from the Vogue catalogue to your virtual wardrobe, and you can look for stores near you that sell some of the products featured and advertised in Vogue.  This is a great lifestyle and fashion app that you can download all for free.

Final Fantasy 1 and 2

Final Fantasy is one of the best-known and most highly acclaimed franchises in the realm of role-playing games.  Final Fantasy 1 & 2 are the first two parts in what is soon to be a 14-part franchise that has taken the world by storm.  If you want to get a little nostalgic with these two classics, the iPhone how has some worthy ports of both Final Fantasy 1 & 2.  Final Fantasy 1 comes with five bonus dungeons, such as the Labyrinth of Time and the Soul of Chaos, and Final Fantasy 2 also comes with five bonus dungeons, like Arcane Labyrinth and Soul of Rebirth.  You can buy each game for $8.99.

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