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Windows vista operating system packages and features

We are going back a few years and wanted to let windows users know a little more of the packages and differencies of Windows Vista as we have not been writing about that particular subject before.

Windows vista different versions

Windows Vista comes in following different versions Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. These versions are also available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Windows vista different features

The below main features can be seen as microsoft sales pitches for the windows vista operating system when it was officially launched.

- Most secure windows ever, with windows defender and windows firewall.

- Quickly find what you need, with instant search and windows internet explorer 7.

- Elegant windows aero desktop experience, with windows flip 3D navigations.

- Best choice for laptops, with enhanced Windows Mobility Center and Tablet Pc support.

- Collaborate and share documents, with Windows Meeting Space.

- Experience photos and entertainment, in your living room with Windows Media Center.

- Enjoy Windows Media Center, on TV’s throughout your home with Xbox 360 and other devices.

- Protect against hardware failure, with advanced business backup features.

- Business networking and Remote Desktop, for easier connectivity.

- Better protect your data, against loss or theft with Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption.

Only Windows Vista Ultimate contains all above features and 64-bit version is included in the Vista Ultimate media box.