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New iPhone games for the week of first march

At its core, the iPhone is exactly that: a phone.  Beyond simply being a mobile phone, however, the iPhone has the technology, tech specs, features and functions to go well beyond the simple role of being a phone.  One of the roles that the iPhone has taken on is as a gaming machine.  With its impressive screen size, silky touchscreen technology, and huge developer support, the iPhone has become quite an impressive portable gaming machine.  In this article, we will cover three impressive games that have just recently been released for the iPhone.

Brothers in Arms 2:  Global Front

Brothers in Arms has been a rather successful franchise in the console gaming world.  On February 22, Gameloft, Ubisoft Entertainment, and Gearbox Software released Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front for the iPhone.  This game has gotten rave reviews from a number of popular game review websites, such as Kotaku, Pocketgamer, and  The theme of the game is a World War II shooter that will have you battling it out in locations in both Europe and Africa.  With 6-player multiplayer support, five maps, three different modes, thirteen levels, and three different vehicles to use, this game is packed with great features, great gameplay, and a great pricetag at only $7.99.

Alice in Wonderland

Released by Walt Disney, Alice in Wonderland is a game for the iPhone that is based on Disney’s latest take on the classic book.  In this game, you take control of Alice and you will be taken off to whimsical settings, where you will solve puzzles, and meet some of the most memorable Alice in Wonderland characters, including the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.  You can also make use of special abilities that you get with the help of Alice’s friends.  The game is entertaining and loads of fun for adults and children alike.  You can purchase the entire game for $4.99 or download the free trial that includes two levels of play.

Knife Toss

Have you ever seen one of those circus acts wherein someone is strapped to a wheel, then spun around while a knife expert starts throwing knives at the wheel?  Have you ever wanted to be that person throwing the knives?  If you answered yes, then this is the perfect game for you.  Knife toss will have you giggling with glee as you throw knives and other unlockable weapons at balloon targets posted around a clown on a spinning wheel.  There are three levels of difficulty, over 25 achievements, and unlockable weapons.  Oh, did we mention that the game’s free?  Download it now.

Because so many iPhone games are being released, fans will surely enjoy fiddling with their iPhones for hours and hours. And since the technology behind iPhone is quite amazing, you won’t have to worry about lag time when downloading stuff from the Internet or when playing your favorite game.

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