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iPhone Apps of the Week

On the seemingly eternal search for the killer app, we have weekly covers on some of the new and exciting applications for iPhone.  Although that killer app may be ever-elusive, you may be able to find a killer app to last you through the week.  Read on for this week’s list of great iPhone apps that you may want to try.


Have you ever tried getting in contact with a company or customer service hotline only to find yourself spending an entire day on hold or talking to numerous people, none of which could answer your needs?  Fonolo is an iPhone app that seeks to prevent such situations by providing you with a complete and comprehensive directory of company support phone numbers.  Get the number of the exact person that you want to speak with, call them, manage your contact information, take down notes, and listen to call recordings, all in one nifty app.  The best part is, Fonolo is free.

NBC Olympics

Definitely worthy of the title for killer app of the week, NBC Olympics is an app that gives you an overview of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The Winter Olympics is currently ongoing, hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  This international multi-sports event began on February 12, and it will be on-going until the end of the month, February 28.  The NBC Olympics app gives you great coverage of the competition, providing you with a total listing of the sports events, schedule, and results of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  This free app is definitely worth downloading if you are into winter sports, would love to follow the Olympics, or are simply a nationalistic individual who wants an app to follow your nation’s progress in the Olympics and perhaps even do a little trash-talking through the app’s social features.

Sky Siege

You know those times when you’re just sitting around or walking around with nothing much to do?  Sky Seige is a great iPhone game that can help you pass time or simply have some plain, good fun.  This augmented reality first person shooter will have you aiming your iPhone in the air, shooting down helicopters, blimps, and planes.  It’s an easy game to pick up and play, it has good graphics, and it’s tons of fun.  Grab it for your 3GS at $3.

Doom II

Another great game currently in the market is a rehash of the classic game Doom.  Instead of the traditional first person shooter style of the Doom franchise, the Doom II app is a role-playing game that has translated well into its new genre.  Similar in gameplay to the Wolfenstein RPG app, gamers will have lots of fun with this app.  Grab it from the app store for $3.

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