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A First Look at Windows Phone 7 Series

When the iPhone was first released, it garnered widespread acclaim and praise from hardware critics, mobile phone industry specialists, and, most importantly, from consumers.  The iPhone took off and dominated the market for smartphones.  On the other side of the story, Microsoft seemed to have gone silent.  Sure, Microsoft had Windows Mobile, but it was a platform that was harshly criticized for being bulky, sluggish, and not user-friendly at all.  Developers turned to the Apple iPhone as a new platform that was relatively easier to develop, had great support from Apple, and had a huge user base.  Until today, the iPhone is dominating the smartphone industry.

Just recently, however, Microsoft finally held the first-ever public preview of its new mobile operating system dubbed Windows Phone 7.  Microsoft went with the name branding of its latest personal computer operating system, Windows 7.  If Windows Phone 7 follows suit in the resounding success of its bigger brother, Windows 7, then consumers should expect a great contender to the smartphone title that is currently held by Apple.  In this article, you will learn about some of the amazing features previewed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the first public preview of Windows Phone 7.  Will this finally be the iPhone killer?  Read on and decide for yourself.

The interface

When you are dealing with a gadget that is as powerful and multi-faceted as a smartphone, it is important that you have an interface that is intuitive, inventive, and user-friendly to make it easier for users to take advantage of all of the phone’s hardware and software.  Windows Phone 7 does exactly that.  Microsoft created the “Metro” interface, which makes use of “Hubs” such as Pictures, Music + Video, Office, People, or Marketplace.  Once you have selected your hub, you can easily scroll through the panoramic menu system that spills off the sides of the screen, where you can find other shortcuts, files, and functions related to the hub you are browsing.  The start screen is also fully customizable, allowing you to set the shortcuts of your choice in the position of your choice.

Amazing multimedia capabilities

Another great upgrade made in Windows Phone 7 is that the software makes your hardware function just like a Zune HD player.  This means you have quick and easy access to all of your music, podcasts, videos, radio stations, and even the Zune marketplace, straight from your phone.

Xbox Live on your phone

Xbox Live has been quite successful for Microsoft, and Windows Phone 7 integrates Xbox Live features straight into your phone.  You can access and manage your account, earn achievements, get in touch with friends, and play multiplayer games straight from your phone through your Xbox Live account.

Windows Phone 7 Series is set to take the industry by storm, and it seems as though Microsoft has finally gotten things right for their mobile operating systems.  With multi-touch browsing, integrated social networking, a beautiful interface, and numerous other innovative functions and features, Windows Phone 7 Series is practically a dream-come-true wrapped into a tiny operating system.  Let’s just hope that the developers agree so that this amazing mobile operating system can get some awesome applications made for it and its users.

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