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Windows 7 Compatible Docks and the Perfect Compliment to Application Launcher Docks

Windows 7 has been hailed as one of the best, if not the best, operating system. Among the many changes to Windows 7 that have made it such an excellent operating system are those made to the taskbar, most of which have been well-received by critics and the general Windows 7 population alike.  A wide range of graphical and functional changes have been made to the Windows 7 taskbar, making it perform much better, smoother, faster, and more intuitively, all while looking good at the same time.  Still many people prefer to have an application launcher dock in place of the taskbar. This article will cover some of the best Windows 7 compatible application launcher docks, as well as a nifty way to get rid of your taskbar to make your application dock the star of the [desktop] show.

Windows 7 compatible application launcher docks

*  RocketDock -  RocketDock has made a name for itself among the many application launchers and docks out there.  Aside from its primary application dock and application launching features, Rocket Dock also allows for full customization, a drag-and-drop interface, PNG and ICO icon support, auto-hide and pop-up features, positioning and layering options, portable application configuration, and support for a wide range of languages.

*  XWindows Dock -  This is an application dock that takes its cue from the Mac OS X dock. Some of the great features of this dock include customizable icons appearance and placing, support for numerous customized stacks, monitor folder options, and window minimizing features.

-  Circle Dock -  This is a great Open Source application launcher that has virtually limitless customization options.  The dock can be configured to pop out from your mouse cursor, or centered on your screen.  You can drag-and-drop files, rotate the wheel with your mouse wheel or keyboard arrows, change the look of the icons and skin of the dock, make use of customizable hotkeys, and much more.  This dock also supports compatibility with icons and skins from other docks, such as RocketDock and ObjectDock.

Eliminate your Windows 7 taskbar the easy way

Now, considering the rave reviews about the Windows 7 taskbar, it’s hard to think of a reason why you would want to get rid of it.  If one of these application docks is good enough reason for you, however, you can grab the new Taskbar Eliminator 2.6 from Aviassin.  This is the simplest and easiest way to eliminate your taskbar.  All you have to do is download and install the application, then choose between the following options:

-  Hide taskbar
-  Show taskbar
-  Start with Windows
-  Don’t start with Windows

The Taskbar Eliminator also has a hotkey default of “Alt + T” to show or hide your taskbar, or “Control + Alt + T” to show the Taskbar Eliminator preferences.

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