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Segas Ultimate Genesis Official Emulator for the iPhone

The iPhone has long been deemed by consumers as one of the best mobile phones in the market.  Aside from its phone functions, it also has a large touchscreen, Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity, relatively powerful hardware, a compact design, and a highly intuitive interface.  All of these features work great for phone usage and Internet browsing.  However, the iPhone has also become a powerful gaming machine thanks to these features and the many developers who make gaming software.  One of the biggest and most anticipated gaming apps soon to be released for iPhone is Sega’s Ultimate Collection console emulator.  This article will cover some of the basics about this emulator and how you can get your hands on it.

What is a console emulator?

A console emulator is basically a piece of software that emulates a gaming console.  Some of the most popular console emulators include Nintendo, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, and Playstation 2 emulators that have been released for computers and other gadgets.  However, pne of the main problems is that most of these emulators were created by rogue programmers and developers who have no official backing from the companies that created the consoles, such as Nintendo, Sony, and Sega.  Because of this, legal disputes have always been an issue when it comes to console emulators and the read-only memory (ROM/ROMs) games that are run on the emulators.

In the past, Apple has been rather hands-off when it comes to gaming console emulators, specifically because of the fact that they can cause legal issues for the corporation.  There have been other console emulators released for the iPhone, but most of these have been pulled from the Apple App Store to avoid legal problems.  When it comes to the Ultimate Genesis emulator, however, Apple is all for it because the app has been fully and officially backed by Sega, the company behind the old gaming console called the Genesis.

How can you make use of the Ultimate Genesis emulator?

The Ultimate Genesis emulator app for the iPhone has not yet been released, although it is due for release in early February.  The app comes free from the Apple App Store and it comes with Space Harrier II.  After downloading and installing the app, you can then start playing Space Harrier II, and to play other games you will have to buy them from the Ultimate Genesis Collection.  Some of the games that are currently available include Sonic the Hedgehog for $5.99, Ecco the Dolphin for $2.99, and Golden Axe for $4.99.  What makes the Ultimate Genesis emulator so great is that the games will experience a boost in speed and performance, thanks to the fact that the emulator runs separate from the game, unlike some of the stand-alone Genesis titles that have been released as an emulator and game running simultaneously.

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