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Remote Trackpad and Keyboard Apps for Your Mobile Phone

Wireless connectivity has quickly become a technological standard in new gadgets and gizmos.  Consumers like you and me expect pretty much every gadget we buy and own to be able to wirelessly connect, communicate, synchronize, and work together seamlessly.  One of the best uses of wireless connectivity is the ability to use your mobile phone to control your computers or laptops.  Hardware manufacturers have long been making wireless mouse and wireless keyboard technology, but now the new trend is is in mobile apps designed to allow you to use your mobile phone as a wireless keyboard and mouse for your other hardware.  In this article, we will cover three mobile apps that offer you some great functionality and features for complete, mobile, remote control of your computers.

Apps for the iPhone and iTouch:  Mobile Air Mouse Pro and Logitech Touch Mouse

Logitech has long been one of the leading hardware manufacturers for computer peripherals, especially when it comes to keyboard and mouse peripherals.  Just last week, Logitech released their Logitech Touch Mouse application on the iTunes App Store.  With this app, your iPhone or iTouch can connect to your computer or laptop through Wi-Fi.  You can then use your device as a multi-touch trackpad with some of the following options and functions:

-  Two- or three-button mouse emulation
-  Two-finger scrolling
-  Keyboard
-  Landscape or portrait mode
-  On-screen text display while you type

Like most remote mouse and keyboard software, you will have to install the Logitech Touch Mouse Server on the Mac or PC that you want to control.  The best thing about this software is that you can download it straight from the App Store, free of charge.

Mobile Air Mouse Pro

Another great remote control app for your iPhone or iTouch is Mobile Air Mouse Pro.  Mobile AIr Mouse Pro costs $1.99, but it comes with a number of extra features that can’t be found in Logitech Touch Mouse.  Some of the great features on Mobile Air Mouse Pro include the following:

-  Trackpad with either vertical or horizontal orientation
-  Media keys (i.e., eject controls and volume controls)
-  Support for custom-scripted media and web remotes
-  Remote keyboard with function, arrow, and modifier keys
-  Programmable hotkeys
-  Foreign language support

Apps for the Android:  Gmote

For the Android, there are also a number of applications available for remote controlling your computer.  One of the most popular is Gmote.  Gmote is a free application that you can download and use in three, easy steps.  All you have to do is download and install the Gmote client for your Android device, then download and install the Gmote server for your computer, and finally launch Gmote from your phone and use it to connect to and control your computer.

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