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iPhone Apps Roundup for the Week

As many iPhone, iTouch, and other Mac App lovers well know, having access to an increasingly massive library of applications is one of the best perks Apple users get.  Every week, loads of iPhone apps make their debut at the Apple Store.  In this article, you will find some of the best iPhone apps of the week.

MenuPages -  This application is a must-have for iPhone users who love wining and dining, or the casual night-out.  MenuPages is a food recommendation app that allows you to check for restaurant listings in cities that the app covers.  This streamlined app gives you access to restaurant listings, reviews, feature dishes, menus, open hours, addresses, and phone numbers.  Also, the app has links to maps and directions, ratings, and OpenTable, from which you can make bookings.  The best part?… it’s free.

Zagat to Go 3.0 -  Any fan of digital overlays and augmented reality displays needs to try out Zagat 3.0.  This full-fledged augmented reality app synchronizes through your Wi-Fi offline access to browse through Zagat, no matter where you are and regardless of whether or not you have access to the Internet.  With this application, you can check out restaurant listings and their menus in real-time camera view.  The listings also come with menus, ratings, and prices.  All this for $9.99.

Warheads -  If you enjoy gaming on your iPhone, then you may want to try out Warheads.  This is a graphics-rich rendition of classic missile defense games.  Particle effects, explosions, power-ups, and glorious 3D graphics all help to put this screen-tapping, missile-defense game a notch above the rest.  And it comes at the great price of a single buck– 99 cents to be exact.

Cogs -  Another fun game to grab for your iPhone this week is Cogs.  This puzzle game is a cinch to learn, a challenge to beat, and tons of fun to play for hours.  With its 3D graphical style that features old-fashioned design elements, pipes, cogs, and bells, this is a must-have for steampunk lovers and puzzle lovers alike.  Costing only $0.99, Cogs is an affordable and enjoyable game that you should definitely check out–even if it’s just for the sake of finding an app to keep you busy on those short commutes or long hours with nothing to do.

Fring -  By now, most, if not all, iPhone users know about fring.  This has long been one of the most popular and the oldest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps available on the Apple App Store.  The reason that it made this week’s list, however, is because it now supports VoIP call through 3G.  This is great news for those who have unlimited data plans, who would essentially have unlimited and free calls through 3G networking.  Considering the fring app itself is free as well, there’s nothing to lose.

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