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Adobe Goes Green

Adobe goes environmentally friendly as it installs wind turbines, generating friendly electricity for its offices. During the recent December holidays, Adobe System had the turbines installed at its offices at Park Avenue and Almaden Boulevard. According to Adobe’s officials, the installation of the turbines is part of a bigger plan to obtain renewable power supply for all their facilities globally, running electricals such as computers and lights.

Adobe’s wind turbines

However, the hype is not really about the move for renewable energy. A few big companies — like Microsoft and Google — have already adapted this move, installing solar panels to supply their energy needs. However, the decision for harnessing wind power is somewhat out of the setting. After all, you will generally see these turbines in suburban or rural areas and not in high-rise offices.

Taking a different approach, Adobe installed 20 small wind turbines. Each turbine measures 30 feet in height and 4 feet in width and is installed vertically. The turbines are created to rotate slowly. This is to avoid possible bird-crashes especially since some peregrine falcons have been spotted nearby . Although Adobe won’t say how much the overall construction costs, it is said that the amount is slightly lower than creating a solar system. Adobe senior director Randy Knox also admits that the reduction in electricity costs is large enough that they could cover the cost of the installation in around eight years. Knox refers to it as an “investment that needs to be developed.”

The reason behind the move

But why wind turbines? After all, we often see them in big, empty spaces. The thing is that the Adobe area is not big enough to install sufficient amount of solar panels. However, it seems that they are not lacking in the wind department. Randy Knox, the head of Adobe’s wind power project, mentions that “In an urban environment, there’s a lot of wind tunnels, even at ground level.”

Perhaps that’s the reason why the new installation works. Together, the wind turbines are expected to produce 50,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Although it’s enough to provide power to more than one home, the expected output will only cover around 2 percent of Adobe’s electrical consumption.

So far, Adobe has already garnered the “green building” certification because of its efforts to lower electricity consumption. Still, Knox reveals that the company is also looking at solar panels as well as fuel cells as possible sources of renewable energy.

Adobe obtained the turbines from Mariah Power, which calls them Windspires. Each one can produce around 1.2 kilowatts of electricity. From where it stands, the wind turbines of Adobe can be easily seen by people who pass. This is excellent since it can make people more aware of alternative energy sources.

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