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Smartphones Support for Flash 10.1 Up Ahead

Although Apple has no present plans of supporting Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to any of their line of smartphones, other telecommunications companies and handset manufacturers see the need for Flash 10.1 support and are currently planning to make available software updates in the very near future.

The need for broader web content range and access

Among the handset manufacturers who trust that consumers want broader access to web content through their mobile devices are Palm and Motorola. Both Palm and Motorola have plans of adding Flash 10.1 support to their range of smart phones, as stated by chief executives of both companies, at the Las Vegas-held International Consumer Electronics Show or CES.

It was only last year that Flash 10.1 was publicized by Adobe. It was also announced during that time that about 19 handset vendors have plans of shipping their models along with the software, beginning the mid of 2010. Motorola was one of the staunchest supporters of Adobe Flash 10.1, assuring Adobe that it will support the software on their Android models starting the first quarter of 2010.

The unveiling of the Backflip

It was on Wednesday that the Backflip Android handset model was first announced and made public, by the Chief Executive Office of the handset division of Motorola, Sanjay Jha. It was also during the same event that Jha mentioned about how Motorola has been preparing for a software update that will work with Flash 10.1. Nonetheless, no specific date has been given as to when this update may be utilized by users, although the plan has been going on already for not less than a year.

Adobe announced at the start of the week how they have been partnering with Google in an effort to add Flash 10.1 to the recently unveiled Android Nexus One phone, manufactured also by HTC.
Palm to support Flash

Other than Motorola, Palm is also prepared to add Flash 10.1 support to their range of smartphones. Paul Cousineau, director for the product marketing division of Palm, has announced in a press conference that the WebOS operating system of Palm is prepared to accommodate Flash 10.1 support. Furthermore, this support will be made available to users through a downloadable and easy-to-install plugin for their mobile handsets.

In an attempt to show how users can be benefited by a Flash content access on the Internet, Paul Cousineau played a Flash movie trailer for the film, Avatar, using a Pre handset.

Again, no specific date has been announced yet as to when the Flash support will be enjoyed by Palm users. However, representatives for the company have given the assurance that the plugin will be available soon. Blackberry and Windows mobile handsets are also set to receive Flash 10.1 support, along with Android handsets and models running on WebOS.

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