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Mobile Opera’s Fast JavaScript Engine

Recent weeks saw the launch of Opera Software’s Opera 10.5 browser and Opera Mobile 10 browser alpha versions. The San Francisco launch focused on the company’s Carakan JavaScript engine, a well regarded improvement in these versions. Likewise, it highlighted the availability of alpha releases for Windows and Mac. Linux and Unix releases are underway.

The new Opera browser

According to Roberto Mateu, one of Opera’s product analysts, “It’s fast, more than seven times faster in [the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark] than Opera 10.10 with Futhark on Windows.”

Mateu was talking about the new Opera browser, which features Presto 2.5. The Presto 2.5 is capable of the speedy handling of HTML, DOM, and CSS. Upgrades even support more HTML 5 features, including persistent storage, and CSS3. Likewise, the new browser offers hardware acceleration for its Vega graphics library, which is a welcome boost when it comes to typical browser performance.

The Opera timetable

Surely, this new development has got followers abuzz with excitement. The downside is the iffy Opera 10.4 timetable. Of late, there is still no scheduled release for the beta version of Opera 10.5.

According to a company insider, “Since this release is technically a ‘pre-alpha’ it’s really just a preview of our long-awaited JavaScript  engine, named Carakan, and our new rendering engine, Presto 2.5.”

This is actually fair warning to many who’ve quickly adapted Opera’s alpha release.

According to Mateu, there are still bugs, crash tendencies, and unimplemented UI elements. Users can expect a high level of instability when it comes to 10.5 alpha. The development build is still suffering from issues, like huge memory usage.

Some effects are immediately experienced by users who run the alpha release along with Windows Vista or Windows 7. In using the browser, they can experience the Aero Glass effect when it comes to graphics. On the other hand, Mac users get to enjoy an integrated navigation and function toolbar, scrollbars, and the like. Another feature is the Private window or tab that cleans out cookies and history once closed.

Opera Mobile 10

Similar upgrades can be seen in the launched Opera Mobile 10 beta version. This version is being touted as bringing the convenience of desktop based browsers into the mobile screen.  In being so, the beta version now boasts of increased auto-rotation, native keyboard input integration and faster graphic loading.

The Beta 2 version for smartphones that run on Windows Mobile allows faster application loading with just a touch on the screen. Likewise, this new version for Windows phones can render websites in Hebrew and Arabic.

Symbian or S60 phone users are not to be left behind. Their version features all these mobile browser upgrades, plus the ability to write in the user’s native language and input distinct characters using the keyboard.

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