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3 Awesome Improvements to Look Forward to in Microsoft Office 2010

For both Microsoft Windows users and Apple Mac OS X users, the Microsoft Office software package has long been one of the best solutions for productivity needs.  Throughout the years, Office has grown into a fully featured productivity suite that gives users a wide and varied set of tools to do everything including creating, designing, sharing, and publishing documents and presentations.  In the upcoming year, Microsoft will be releasing the newest addition to the Office family, Microsoft Office 2010.  Following in its long tradition of improvement and expansion, Microsoft has made Office 2010 even better than ever before.  Here are three Office 2010 features that you won’t want to miss out on:

1.  Improved Internet connectivity

These days, the Internet is one of the most powerful systems available to us and it allows us to share and connect with people all around the globe.  Microsoft understands the importance and significance of Internet connectivity, which is why they have made Office 2010 more Internet-friendly than ever.  You can upload your documents straight from the Office 2010 interface onto your Windows Live SkyDrive account.  SkyDrive itself can then be accessed through your browser or through the Office Web Apps so you can view and edit your files on the go.  Aside from SkyDrive uploading functions, this productivity suite also allows you to broadcast live presentations over the Internet, straight from PowerPoint.  Once your presentation is being broadcast, you just send the link to your viewers and they can watch your presentation from their browser.

2.  Improved graphical user interface

Another awesome change made to Office 2010 is the revamped graphical user interface, which is not only intuitive, but it is also fully customizable, and it’s a cinch to use.  Office 2010 still makes use of the Ribbon feature, which was a controversial feature that was introduced in Office 2007.  This time, however, Microsoft made sure that the Ribbon works flawlessly.  While it works great in its default settings, users who want to take full control of their graphical interface can customize the buttons, commands, and options on the Ribbon for a fully personalized look and feel.  There are even some new functions, such as screenshot.  Outlook also has an improved interface that is much more social, showing contact information such as pictures, e-mail attachments, meeting requests, and previous e-mail correspondence.  You can even add contacts straight from the Outlook interface.

3.  Improved multimedia management

One of the biggest and best improvements made to Microsoft Office 2010 is the added functionality for multimedia management.  First of all, the suite can handle a host of new formats, even allowing you to create and publish your own PDF files.  Second, you can embed web videos into your presentations, making it easy to add videos from sites like YouTube.  Third, printing is made more intuitive, by using a new print dialog with a full preview of your print-out.  Aside from these improvements, however, the best multimedia management tools made available to you in Office 2010 are the picture and video editing tools, which allows you to use and combine various effects, styles, and presets for the perfect look.  It’s like having both photo editing and video editing software built into your Office suite.

If you would like to take Office 2010 for a test drive, then you may want to download the free beta from the Microsoft website.

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