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2 Easy Ways to Use a USB Drive to Install Windows 7

Windows 7 has been claimed by many as one of the best operating system releases to date.  Aside from being a popular and well-received operating system, Windows 7 is also a new piece of software that many people are purchasing and installing on their systems.  While most people are installing Windows 7 from a DVD, you can have a go at using a USB drive to install Windows 7.  Some of the advantages of transferring your Windows 7 installation disk to a USB drive include the portability and ease of using a USB drive, the speed of USB drives in comparison to DVD disks, and you won’t need a DVD drive to get Windows 7 installed on your computer.  This article will cover two easy-to-use pieces of software for transferring your Windows 7 DVD installation to your USB drive.

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool is a piece of software that allows you to copy the image file of your Windows 7 from your DVD to a USB flash drive or another DVD disc.  To use this software, all you have to do is download it (free of charge) and install it on your computer, then follow the on-screen instructions.  Those running Windows XP will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework v2 as well as the Microsoft Image Mastering API v2.  Once your system is set up to run and use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, you run the program, point it to where your Windows 7 installation files are, then indicate the USB flash drive that you want to use, and follow the directions on the screen to copy the Windows installation to your USB flash drive.  Once all of that is done, insert your flash drive into the computer then browse to the “Setup.exe” file to begin the Windows 7 installation.  Another cool feature of this application is that it creates a bootable version of the Windows installation.  What that means is you can go into your BIOS and set your computer to boot from your USB drive, which will then boot into the Windows 7 installer.


Another useful tool that has pretty much the same features as the software mentioned above is WinToFlash.  This piece of software is meant to help you copy a Windows installer from a CD, DVD, or hard-drive source onto a USB flash drive.  WinToFlash can be used for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, or 7, making it very versatile.  Furthermore, WinToFlash has a wizard mode that makes it easier than ever to format your USB media, copy the installation files, and prep your USB as a bootable installation disc for your Windows operating system.  Like the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, WinToFlash is free and can be downloaded from the Internet with ease.

Reminders about using a USB flash drive to install Windows 7

-  Make sure not to remove the USB drive while the installation files are being copied onto it or during the Windows installation.

-  You may need to fiddle with your BIOS to get your computer to boot from your USB drive, so just be careful what you touch in the BIOS.

-  These methods should only be used for legal copies of the Windows operating systems.

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