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Top Three iPhone Apps for Halloween

Despite the rather macabre themes that pervade Halloween, “All Hallow’s Eve” is still one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year.  With everyone dressing up in costumes and grabbing buckets and pillow cases for trick-or-treat, it’s hard not to smile and laugh in the frightful festivities of this happy holiday.  With the Halloween of 2009 right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to share three of our favorite Halloween-themed iPhone apps.

Pet Semetary

For some Halloween fun and a blast from horror’s past, you may want to check out the Pet Semetary iPhone game.  Based on the timeless 1980′s horror film, “Pet Semetary”, this game will have you putting an end to an undead zombie infestation on your town.  Tap the zombies and pet zombies through 15 levels of mayhem.  Great time-killer app that will have you hooked.  You can even login to your Facebook account with this app and share your scores with all your friends.

Costume Ideas – Halloween

If you want a more practical and less gory way of celebrating Halloween on your iPhone, then you may want to check out Costumer Ideas – Halloween.  Whether you are an adult or a child, male or female, single or couple, this iPhone app can give you thousands of great ideas for your Halloween costume.  You can browse through all of the costumes on your own or you can shake your iPhone to generate a random costume idea from the database.  Once you find a costume you like, just tap the “Shop For It” button and you will be given a list of the cheapest prices on the costume that you want. 


The epitome of genius and greatness when it comes to psychological thrillers and suspense movies, Alfred Hitchcock is arguably one of the best filmmakers and producers in the history of thriller and suspense films.  If you are into film and photography, then one of the best Halloween iPhone applications you can get this season is Hitchcock, from Cinemek Inc.  This application allows you to make mobile storyboards to help you in fleshing out your ideas for writing, directing, photography, production, and art directing.  This piece of software gives you a wide range of tools and features to make full-fledged mobile storyboards, with storyboarding markups, like track, zoom, pan, or dolly.  You can also add audio clips or notes, panel descriptions, or define durations for panels.  Use your iPhones audio and image files to make an intuitive storyboard of any story you have in your head.  Hitchcock will help you in the editing, layout, and design of your story.  You can then playback your storyboards in realtime or export and email them in PDF format.  Halloween season or not, Hitchcock is definitely a must for any filmmaker on the go.