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Dual-Screen Spacebook from GScreen Gets a Production Date

Image of the spacebook gscreen product

gScreen Spacebook a Laptop with Dual Screen Monitors

In the world of laptops, dual-screen monitors are not exactly an industry standard.  Still, that hasn’t stopped companies from producing such portable, multiple-screen laptop goodness.  One such company is gScreen.  Although the name may not be as familiar to you as Asus, Dell, or Lenovo, gScreen’s chief designer and founder is looking to change that with the gScreen Spacebook 2009.  The Spacebook is a dual-screen laptop that is currently in development and is planned to arrive in stores sooner than you may think.  Read on to learn more about the features, specs, and screen real estate glory that is the gScreen Spacebook 2009.

Dual-screen technology

The gScreen Spacebook 2009 is taking the concept of dual-screen technology to new heights.  The laptop has two identical screens that are each 15.4 inches in size.  This is a step above and beyond Lenovo’s currently available ThinkPad W700ds, which has two screens, one measuring 17 inches and the other only 10.6 inches.  With two 15.4-inch displays, you can enjoy over 30 inches of screen space.  Also, both monitors are made with one of the latest trends in flat-screen technology, backlit LED displays.  This means that you can expect vibrant colors, excellent contrast with blacker blacks and whiter whites, and better screen visibility in various lighting conditions.

Planned specifications

The gScreen Spacebook packs a great deal of features that will help you get full use out of your dual-screen machine.  First, the Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26-GHz processor gives you a fair amount of power, although gScreen could have done better by using the new Mobile Core i7 processors instead.  The Spacebook also has two sticks of 2GB DDR2 SO-DIMM memory, a 320GB 7200-rpm hard drive, and DVD player.  GScreen knows you’re going to need a lot of juice to power the dual-screen configuration, so they give you a choice between the NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GT 512MB and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700M 512MB.  You also get an HDMI port, a 9-cell battery, and IEEE 1394 1 graphics card output compatibility.

Production and release information

GScreen has announced on their website that they plan to release the Spacebook series by the end of 2009, hopefully in December.  To prove their dedication to the proposed launch date, gScreen has released a number of actual photographs of a prototype.  The Spacebook will be sold primarily through, with shipment available to a number of countries around the world.  Through time, gScreen plans to sell their product on some of the other Amazon sites (including Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France), as well as on and  You may want to start saving now if you’re hoping to buy this beast of a laptop, because word has it that it will cost a little under $3,000, which isn’t so bad considering some of the other dual-screen laptops in production are planned to cost well over gScreen’s target price.

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