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Gmail Making Email Migration Hassle Free

It would be a great deal better if one moves to another email provider than to endure the dissatisfaction brought by one’s current provider.  For those who are planning to migrate from other email providers, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL, and from ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, Earthlink, to Gmail, there is no need to export the old account’s contact to a CSV file and import it into Gmail or to use POP3 mail fetching.  There is now a fast and easy way to transfer contacts and messages.  Gmail introduces a migration feature that would make moving on to better email provider a great deal easier.

Gmail’s new feature

Recently, Gmail has announced the launching of its special feature that would make migration from AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! or any other provider hassle free.  Through this feature, one can move the emails and contacts from former accounts to the Gmail account without exporting them to CSV files or without resorting to POP3 mail fetching.  The feature also gives the users 30 days to forward the messages from the old account.  This would give one enough time to inform the persons on the contact list about the new email address.  Gmail’s migration feature is powered by TrueSwitch, which also provides the same service to Hotmail and Yahoomail.

However, Chad Parry, a Gmail engineer, said that this feature would only be available to new users as of now.  But it would not be long before people can have this feature on their existing email accounts.  This would be indicated when one sees the “Accounts and import tab” on the account.  The sad thing is, this special feature won’t be available for businesses and schools that use Google apps.  Some say this is because the email addresses used for these two, most of the time, have their own domain as the ending, instead that of Gmail itself.  But the official explanation given by a Google spokesperson is that “When a business or other organisation makes the switch to apps, they will have dozens – if not hundreds or thousands – of people in need of migrating!”

Some users are not really contented with the service of AOL or they think that Yahoo’s charging of standard email client users is ridiculous.  For these people, there is no more reason not to switch to Gmail, because the provider’s migration features would make the task of moving efficient.

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