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Why People Are Eagerly Anticipating Windows 7

The latest talk of the town is the newly launched Windows 7 Release Candidate.  This OS release candidate is a preview of the Windows 7, which will be probably released in 2010.  According to some users, it’s a great thing to try using this release candidate version because the final version of the Windows 7 would most likely be the same with this trial version, or probably be much better.  By installing and trying out the Windows 7 Release Candidate, one can decide whether or not to await the final version.   

Windows 7 would not be very different from Windows Vista.  Actually, it would just be a better version of the latter.  Basically, Microsoft promises much improved device management and more attractive visual tools.  This version has no major difference from the older OS.  There would just be a lot of tweaks here and there.  But according to some users, these tweaks can alter the overall experience of the users.   Here are some of the interesting features the public can expect from Windows 7.

Theme and wallpaper options

One can engage his or her creativity with Windows 7.  There are actually wide array of themes and wallpaper options in this OS.  Colorful and cute figures, psychedelic landscapes, and Dada-esque images are just among the interesting visual effects in Windows 7.  

Improved user security protection

This soon-to-be launched OS would no longer AutoRun external hard drives and USB.  This is actually one of the very useful tweaks in this version.  Preventing AutoRun of hard drives would reduce the risk of getting the computers infected by malware.  

Taskbar jumplists

Jumplists are designed for the task bar in Windows 7.  There would be pop-up menus that would list down the frequently clicked items and common tasks.  This feature is really a great aid when one needs to go to his or her favorite website immediately.  Aside from this, the jumplists feature can aid one in finding the folders that he or she opened a day or a couple of days ago.  


One of the best things about the new OS is that it is more user-friendly than its predecessors.  This OS is designed for the users to easily access their files.  It would be easy to open, close, resize, and arrange images and folders with this OS.  Even the process of streaming media files from one’s computer to another would be very simple.  

The Window 7 Release Candidate really thrills the public with its improved and user friendly features.  Because of this, many users anticipate the release of the final version.

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