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How do i most efficiently fight email spam

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How to cut back on email spam

Contrary to what some people believe, an email spam is also a serious threat to your computer just like viruses and malware. The bulk of emails that you receive can cause confusion and disturbance. This can also distract you and make you lose a portion of your precious time in the process. However, these are not everything there is to email spams. Spams can actually cause you to lose some of money if you are not too careful. Email spams are used by scammers as bait to acquire personal information such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, and passwords. They also serve as tools for spreading virus and other harmful software online. Because of all these, you have to take email spam seriously, especially if you are running your own business online. Below are some of the ways through which you can prevent spams from infiltrating your primary email account.

Scrutinize emails from unfamiliar sender.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This is why the basic step is to make sure that you prevent email spams from entering your system. You can actually do this by taking time to analyze an unfamiliar address in your email box before you open it, for some spam emails may contain hidden malicious software. It is helpful to read the subject line of the email in case you have forgotten that you sent a message to a new acquaintance and the unfamiliar email is the reply. You also have to avoid opening emails that have subject lines like “You order” or “You requested” unless you clearly remember ordering something online.

Never respond to suspected spammers.

The common mistake of some is sending a reply to an unfamiliar sender. Sending a reply would be interpreted as your consent to receive more emails from that specific sender. Moreover, you have to avoid following the links that the unfamiliar sender provides.

Activate your email blocker or download spam filter.

What’s great in email blocker is that you can prevent getting more emails from the suspected spammers. Another good thing about your email blocker is that you can set the rules regarding the emails that you want to be blocked in the future. This software can be downloaded online for free or trial version with a small fee after the trial has ended. You can always use the Internet to gather information about the best anti spam programs that would put an end to email spams that continue to evade your personal email space.

Report email spams to your ISP.

Just like you, your ISP (Internet service provider) hates spams, too. This is because spams clog up the servers. Your ISP can help you filter the emails coming from suspected spammers. It is necessary, however, that you identify first the true origin of the spam message. There are various websites online that can give you a tutorial on how to identify the real source of the spam.

Create another email address for commercial purposes.

If you are wondering where spammers acquire email addresses, the answer is online. Spammers use sophisticated computer programs such as spambot to surf the web and harvest email addresses. If you are fond of joining forums or if you make your email address available to online stores, you can be a potential victim to email spamming. This is why you have to create another account that would be used when joining forums or posting your email address to order products online. This will also be helpful when subscribing to newsletters and online magazines. For this purpose, you can opt for free email account providers. For business or more private correspondence, it may be best to subscribe for a paid email account service.

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