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Risky to visit hong kong related websites

There have been in the past a survey by internet security company Mcafee saying that websites owned by Hong Kong citizens and domains with the extension .hk (hong kong) are more likely to be a threat and might infect your computer with various malicious software.

Applications that goes under labels like viruses, high threat spyware, visitor attacks, ID theft, spam and fraud. The main reason Hong Kong can do this is the undeveloped and weak law that these individuals and companies are bound to.

A big part of the worlds spam can actually be sourced to both Hong Kong and China. Many demands that the laws in Hong Kong and China get tighter and more up to date with the industry and we should expect such action in the future.

Generally speaking having some sort of internet security active on your computer is always a good first step to secure your personal information and protect yourself from internet threats and attacks.

The browser Mozilla Firefox is also an excellent choice while browsing the web, if you somehow would enter a dangerous site that have been flagged by firefox through their database you will be presented by a red screen with a danger message of the website you are about to enter. You then have the choice to exit before entering a dangerous website which is an easy and fast lane to safer web browsing.

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