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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced windows 7 beta release

Windows 7 Beta Release

Steve Ballmer Announces Windows 7 Beta

8th January Steve Ballmer announced the public beta release of windows 7 with former codename of Blackcomb and Vienna. Performance is a key factor that have gotten improvements along with smarter menus and much more. Eager users should expect bugs and errors on daily use. Windows 7 is now available for download on by signing up for microsoft connect. Windows 7 will be available to the first 2.5 million visitors who download it, the Beta release will expire on 1st august 2009.

We all want Microsoft to make a success of the upcoming OS due to the lack of popularity for the Windows Vista. Many windows fans are hoping that MS will take the time and really make a good software product out of Windows 7, some believes it can’t get worse.

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