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Adobe Premiere Pro
February 22, 2011    
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Software Summary

Operating System
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Adobe Premiere Pro is a Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac OS created by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Product summary of Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a real-time video editing software application that is timeline-based. This software is developed and released by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes other software for graphic design. The programs that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite can be purchased separately. The Adobe Premier Pro, even when purchased separately, still comes with the Adobe OnLocation and Adobe Encore. Premiere Pro provides support for various video editing cards and plug-ins for extra file format support, audio/video effects, and faster processing. The latest version, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, offers many new and powerful features that will surely delight video editors and other creative professionals.

Features of Adobe Premier Pro

The new features found in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 take video editing to a higher level. With the end-to-end metadata workflow, users can now easily add metadata to clips with Adobe OnLocation software while doing editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. To organize assets in a more efficient way, users can utilize the speech recognition technology to produce text-based metadata. The metadata can then be used for web publishing, for helping in unlocking new revenue streams, and for enabling searchable video. Spoken dialogue in videos can even be turned into timecode-accurate, text-based, searchable metadata. Users just have to go to a certain area of a shot by finding keywords in the dialogue and then using these keywords to search for and display what they're looking for. Cutting video based on the script can be done as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 also allows users to create SWF file versions of their Blu-ray and DVD projects for the web, which can include menus, customizable HTML templates, DVD interactivity, and URL links. This can even be done without having to open another application. The optimized encode settings found in Adobe Media Encoder will also help editors reduce encoding time when exporting for progressive download or streaming. Productivity and efficiency is also improved when using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. It's now possible for users to apply effects to multiple selections, work in the timeline quicker because of the new keyboard shortcuts, and get timecode information faster.

Editors review of Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 offers users with flexible and powerful editing tools that can help save time. This program now has precise audio control, exceptional editing control, keyboard-driven workflow, more options with multiple selections, and powerful management of sequences, clips, and projects. Aside from the editing enhancements offered by Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, users can also benefit from the extensive format support, which includes DVCPro HD and AVCHD. Those who are not familiar with the product yet and want to learn how to use it can access tutorials online through the Resource Central panel in Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore.

It's not only video editing professionals that can benefit from getting the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Teachers, students, and amateur video editors will also find the features of this software as handy tools for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 can even be used with other programs that are part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4.

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