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Cyberlink PhotoDirector
June 22, 2011    
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Cyberlink Photodirector is a Photo Editing Software for Windows and created by Publisher Cyberlink Corporation.

Cyberlink Photodirector Summary

This software allows users create brilliant photos. The Cyberlink Photodirector supports RAW image files from Nikon and Canon cameras, allowing users to explore wider creativity potential in a non-destructive editing software.

This software lets users connect with professionals around DirectorZone and enables them to share shots and download presets. Huge batches of images and large photo libraries are easily managed with the Cyberlink PhotoDirector.

Cyberlink Photodirector Features

With Cyberlink PhotoDirector, users get a fast and efficient workflow speed that makes the whole process much speedier. This software is especially designed to make importing, managing and enhancing images much easier. The Cyberlink PhotoDirector provides immediate access to the software’s user-friendly library that gives users the ability to search, sort, tag and flag images using the simple interface with no advanced knowledge required.

The Cyberlink PhotoDirector features various viewing modes that let users choose the best photos needed in enhancing image collections. Turn photos into works of art with Cyberlink PhotoDirector’s adjustment and editing tools. The edited photos can then be uploaded straight to Flickr or Facebook accounts. The photos can also be viewed in high density slideshow setup that can be uploaded to YouTube.

In addition, the Cyberlink PhotoDirector lets user discover their creative potential with its non-destructive editing interface. Users can adjust image contrast and exposure, or do adjustment brushes. Users can always go back to the original image if the effect is unsatisfactory; and by simply clicking the Adjustment History, users can get back to the revision steps, too. The Cyberlink PhotoDirector utilizes advanced adjustment tools that aid in enhancing photos. The software’s White Balance function makes the image color correct; while other enhancement tool such as Levels, Saturation, Lightness, Hue and Tone make photo colors pop out, thus giving a more vivid effect. Noise Reduction is a must-have tool that is functional for low light and action shots, while the Sharpness tool brings out image details and adds clarity to any photo.

Aside from the photo adjustment tools, the Cyberlink PhotoDirector also allows adjustments in specific image regions. Touchups on target areas are allowed with this software’s precise editing tools. To make adjustments to photos, use the software’s edge brush. The size and softness of brush are adjustable and users can easily touchup any flaws on the image.

The Cyberlink PhotoDirector has many other features as well. It has the Lightbox tool, which can be used to compare a number of images at once; and there’s the Browser Mode, which allows users to view dozens of photos simultaneously. The PhotoDirector also has Native Rendering of image files from Nikon and Canon cameras. The software allows users download presets straight from

Cyberlink PhotoDirector User Interface

Despite the numerous features, the Cyberlink PhotoDirector is surprisingly easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface that requires no advanced photo editing knowledge. Aside from this, the software provides a fool-proof system that allows beginners learn how to edit photos successfully.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Software Review

This modern software offers the efficiency of Lightroom plus more. Although it has no geometric correction, face recognition and one-step image e-mailing, the Cyberlink PhotoDirector provides cleaner and easy-to-use interface and can directly export photos to Facebook and Flicker. This all-in-one tool can import raw image files as well, giving users utmost control in editing. It also has adjustment brush that helps edit photos precisely on selected areas. The Cyberlink PhotoDirector definitely makes colors more vibrant and details more obvious.

It is so versatile; it works well with Windows 7, XP, and Vista. If you need faster, effective and user-friendly photo editing software, Cyberlink PhotoDirector fits the bill well.

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