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Zonealarm SocialGuard
April 29, 2011    
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Software Summary

Operating System

Zonealarm SocialGuard is a Parental Control Software for Windows and created by Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.

Control your childrens Facebook usage with SocialGuard

ZoneAlarm Socialguard Summary

Social networks are ever more popular nowadays. They create bridges between friends and provide a free means of advertisement.  However, social networks also have their dark side. They make it easier for online predators to get hold of innocent victims, who are only looking to have some fun online. The ZoneAlarm socialguard allows kids to enjoy some sort of online social life while their parents monitor their interactions at Facebook. Parents get to ensure their children’s protection through the software. The software generates alerts whenever the child encounters or posts questionable content, or meets suspicious friends. The $1.99 monthly payment is worth it.

ZoneAlarm Socialguard Features

The Zonealarm socialguard is designed to protect kids from online predators and from questionable content. The software can generate alerts whenever the monitored child views content that he or she should not be looking at. It also keeps the child away from possible online predators. The Zonealarm socialguard, in short, is a means to screen away objectionable content and friends from the monitored child. The parents do not need to be always there to protect their child from possible harassment and other online violations. Specific examples of actions that the software can block are cyber-bullying, friends of inappropriate age, account hacking and many more.

ZoneAlarm Socialguard User Interface

Kids are becoming more tech savvy nowadays. So, parents need to keep up to discover what their kids are up to over the Internet. However, parents do not really need to go through a crash course just to know how the Zonealarm socialguard works. The software’s user interface is pretty easy to understand, giving even the busiest parents a chance to monitor their kids without having to struggle at all. The user interface also resembles that of a social networking site except the messages that pop up are actually alerts of questionable activity.

ZoneAlarm Socialguard Software Review

The Zonealarm socialguard can generate an alarm whenever there is some questionable action in the monitored child’s Facebook account. Parents can monitor what their child has been doing at Facebook even when they are not there. The child does not even know that his or her parents are doing any monitoring.  The software can detect foul text on comments and even in private messages. It can also detect the level of appropriateness of photos your child has posted or has been viewing, and of the friends he or she associates with at Facebook.  Parents also get to see what sort of links their child and his or her friends have been sharing on the social network.

The product is not without its imperfections, however. The Zonealarm socialguard is not able to detect inoffensive language. Children may still be able to beat the system by coming up with code words or by using varying spellings. There are still bugs when it comes to removing and adding accounts. Some photos and videos may also not be detected. The most obvious problem would be that the software only covers Facebook and no other social network.

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