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Norman Parental Control
May 14, 2011    
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Norman Parental Control is a Parental Control Software for Windows and created by Norman ASA.

A Less Dangerous Web with Normal Parental Control

The World Wide Web can be just that – a web. It can be dangerous and sticky. Adults who surf the net can get fooled by scams or get their computer harmed by malware. What about the kids? Kids are a lot more vulnerable. They can get seriously hurt by online bullying and their minds can be negatively influenced by inappropriate content. Parents, unfortunately, cannot really give them 24/7 supervision. So, there is a need for software that provides some form of parental control. The Norman Parent Control software is one such form of parental control. It provides the supervision that parents cannot give constantly. It is like an invisible head peering behind the shoulder.

Norman Parental Control Summary

The Norman Parent Control software has customizable features that enable parents to control just how much they want to control and supervise their children’s web browsing. There are settings that are recommended to parents with teenagers while there are also settings that are recommended to parents of younger children. The software also takes in consideration the possibility of a child taking over a computer in which an adult ha previously logged in.  Usually, the younger ones are more adept at controlling technological devices and advanced software. In the case of Norman Parental Control, however, parents can easily understand the user-friendly interface. The features and settings are also easy to manipulate. The parent just has to make sure that he is the only one in control.

Norman Parental Control Features

One of the more interesting features of the Normal Parent Control software is its ability to change its blocking mode. When at CHILD mode, the software blocks all of the websites that have not been explicitly approved by the parent. When the setting is made for teenagers, on the other hand, the parent can be assured that the software will actively block websites with inappropriate content.  It is up to the parent to keep the CHILD or TEENAGER profile as the default. There is also another type of control going on when Norman Parental Control is being used. The parent or anyone else who is supervising Internet use can also limit access within a certain period of the day and during certain days of the week.  Parents can also checked the statistics on pages blocked during a certain period of time, say the last 24 hours.

Norman Parental Control User Interface

The software offers easy to use interface. Parents won’t have to forego securing their computers due to impatience and difficulty. The interface looks similar to that of any Antivirus Software out there. Buttons can be easily clicked. Anyway, the Norman Parental Control software has three main buttons: user configuration, log viewer and settings. The names are pretty much self-explanatory.

Norman Parental Control Software Review

Overall, Norman Parental Control Review presents an easy way to supervise their children’s Internet use. The software is not about spying and taking over. It is, instead, about keeping your children safe from inappropriate content. Some good kids may still accidentally visit an inappropriate page. So, you don’t have only the naughty ones to worry about. There are so many links and ads scattered in more innocent pages that can lead to less wholesome ones.

With Norman Parental Control, parents can ensure the safety of their children not just from inappropriate content but also from possible online bullying.  They can limit Internet use to just a few hours a day so that their children can also do their homework. The TEENAGER and CHILD profiles enable the parent to supervise their children according to their own age group.  The ease of use is an added bonus that busy parents will appreciate.

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