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December 02, 2010    
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OpenSight Software, LLC, a company established by Charles DeWeese with the award winning FTP client FlashFXP for windows users. This program allows for both server-to-server and client-to-server transfers, as well as numerous other advanced features and functions related to file transfer protocol.

Product summary of Flashfxp

FlashFXP is a Windows-based file transfer protocol (FTP) client with a wide variety of features and functions.  Whether you need to transfer files on a local area network through an FTP server or you need to transfer files through a wide area network like the Internet, FlashFXP is a great tool for the job.  Aside from allowing local area network and wide area network file transfers, FlashFXP also has provisions for transferring files directly from one server to another through the file exchange protocol (FXP).  This program has received great reviews from many of the top software review websites out there, and it has also received great feedback from consumers.   Here are some of the features, services, and benefits of FlashFXP:

Features and services of FlashFXP

Flashfxp Security

One of the major concerns with any type of file transfer protocol client is security, and FlashFXP has lots of it.  This program allows for secure connections with TLS or SSL encryption, which is backed up with the use of client certificates.  Furthermore, FlashFXP has support for one time password S/KEY, as well as Blowfish encryption on the site manager to ensure that your information and data are secure.  SSL Site-to-Site transfers and clear command channel functionality are also supported.

FlashFXP Connectivity

FlashFXP has numerous connectivity options, including support for fully recursive file transferring, caching for queueing and offline browsing, as well as support of FTP proxy, HTTP proxy, and Socks 4 or 5.  There is also PRET support for distributed FTP servers, as well as internal ident server support.

FlashFXP Performance

FlashFXP is lauded for its great performance, which can be attributed to some of the features that help it run smoothly and at very high speeds.  For example, the program has full support for gigabit speeds, such as with the use of Jumbo Frames.  Also, there is support for streaming compression on-the-fly with MODE Z.  FlashFXP also has great compatibility with support for FEAT and "stat -I" directory listing.  You also have the ability to limit your upload or download speeds, and the ability to cache remote directory lists.

FlashFXP Interface

One of the best features of FlashFXP is its interface.  The interface is done in a manner that resembles a regular file explorer, making it easy to understand, navigate, and use.  Even those who are inexperienced with FTP and FXP programs can easily start using FlashFXP without much help from FAQ files.  The program also has multi-language support, transfer graphs, server managers, synchronized browsing, scheduling functions, drag-and-drop functions, import functions for site listings and passwords, as well as other handy interface features.

FlashFXP is definitely a great tool for web developers, or anyone who needs a good, feature-rich file transfer protocol client.  You can download the shareware version, which gives you a 30-day free trial, or you can purchase a license key for $25, which will give you access to all of the program's features and functions, as well as access to future updates.

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