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CuteFTP Lite
April 15, 2011    
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CuteFTP Lite is an FTP Software for Windows created by Publisher GlobalScape, Inc.

CuteFTP Lite for Basic File-Sharing Needs

CuteFTP Lite Product Summary

FTP days may be long gone, but for some, FTP or File Transfer Protocol is still one of the essentials of transferring files across different servers and involved users. Although other means of file transfer are beginning to gain popularity, a large number of users still prefer to use FTPs for file-transfer sessions.

CuteFTP Lite is an FTP client with entry-level features. Like any other FTP clients, this software allows you to transfer any size and type of files from one server to another. It lets you download and upload files, including images and multimedia files, quickly and easily. CuteFTP Lite can be utilized using Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 or even Windows 2000.

CuteFTP Lite Features

The CuteFTP Lite offers basic features one can avail with an entry-level FTP client. Of course it can do basic functions such as upload web pages, work files, images; as well as download and upload music and video files and other multimedia files including game demos and patches. All these file-transfer activities are secured by a standard FTP protocol. The CuteFTP Lite is almost similar to a web browser, but instead of an HTTP address, it requires you to enter an FTP one. The software also allows you to change the file names and delete unnecessary files or folders.

CuteFTP Lite User Interface

One of the important things you should consider in choosing an FTP client is accessibility. Take note if the software can be easily accessed and has user-friendly features.

The CuteFTP Lite offers easy-to-use interface with a drag and drop system. Aside from the easy drag and drop feature, it offers a Step-by-step Connection Wizard, which allows you to connect to a server with easy to follow instructions for a positive result.  Software control is made easier with the XP Color icons. This user-friendliness is a plus especially if you are not familiar with FTP clients.

CuteFTP Lite Software Review

If you are looking for an easy-to-use FTP client, you can try using the CuteFTP Lite. But don’t be surprised if it lacks the features you are looking for a standard FTP client. This software is dubbed as an ‘entry-level’ product, so do not expect more than the basic file transfer features.

The CuteFTP Lite does its job as an FTP client, but it does not have features that are to some extent very useful. Even the fundamental features such as advance searching and editing of files are missing in this software. Aside from that, the CuteFTP Lite does not offer filtered listings and scheduled transfers; and it lacks the ability to do remote compression.

Since it is only compatible with Windows, utilizing the CuteFTP Lite makes it more difficult or even impossible for the users to connect with your FTP server especially if they are using a different platform.

If you want an FTP client with more features, you might need to level up to CuteFTP Home or CuteFTP Pro. Of course, you will add a few dollars more for the upgrade, but you may as well try upgrading if you really want your money’s worth.

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