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Corel Website Creator
February 19, 2011    
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Corel Website Creator is a Website Creation Software for Windows created by Publisher Corel Corporation.

Corel Website Creator Summary

Corel Website Creator is a website generation software that uses combined CSS, XHTML and XML to make creating website a flash. It supports a number of PDF features that include linking capabilities. This software is especially made to help Web designers and publishers create web pages in a simple manner. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users, and has high-tech features that let users create sophisticated websites.

Corel Website Creator Features

Corel Website Creator boasts a number of features other website creating software have plus the latest techniques in web design. Its Site Wizard allows users generate web pages in a fast and easy way, that is, without web coding or HTML needed. The software offers SiteStyle, where users can use various web templates to make websites more attractive and functional.

Corel Website Creator utilizes a graphic editor, which makes resizing cropping and correcting images quick and easy. Its timeline editor adds visual effects such as Shrink, Grow, Color-Change, Slide, and more. This feature also helps manage animated content timing.

The software’s integrated security features allows users obtain password protection without any custom programming required. Enhancements such as ASP and PHP languages, RSS feeds, interactive forms and guest books can be easily added as well. Its Components Manager helps users quickly locate the needed elements in creating website while the AJAX support lets users build websites that are powered by AJAX, which is packed with functional elements such as toggle panes, tabs and wizards for utmost web design experience.

Aside from these, Corel Website Creator has features that help developers improve Search Engine Optimization. With the software’s SEO-ready publishing implementation, web logs are already responsive to search engines right after publishing. In addition, Corel Website Creator also allows fast architectural structure mapping, making this program similar to organizational charts.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Corel Website Creator has a photo gallery that makes uploading images easier and quicker. It also has a system that protects virtual assets. It has precision modification that offers design transparency vital in generating high-quality website design. What users further more should now about is that Corel Website Creator is based on Netobject Fusion.

Corel Website Creator User Interface

Corel Website Creator has a very simple user interface that features drag and drop function that allows users place page elements such as text and images on their ideal places with just a few easy clicks.

Corel Website Creator Software Review

With Corel Website Creator, anyone can now create websites without any programming knowledge. This software gives users lots of website design templates for effective yet simple website creation.

Corel Website Creator is an all in one software needed to create and design websites using a seamless combination of CSS, XHTML, XML and JavaScript, making generation much faster. Users simply need to use the drag and drop interface that makes page generating quick and as easy as one, two and three. With Corel Website Creator, even newbie bloggers can generate dynamic websites.

However, Corel also lacks some of the useful features found in major website generators. Although it has a few added features, a lot of users find Corel Website Creator as incapable of creating websites with top of the line features. Additionally, users find the Corel customer service unprofessional and lacking knowledge.

But, even if it lacks customer support, Corel Website Creator still has the ability to generate any kinds of websites such as personal blogs, corporate sites, online stores and more. The best feature Corel Website Creator has it its drag and drop user interface, which makes it easy for newbies to create websites or blogs.

All in all, Corel Website Creator is ideal for new developers who are just beginning to put up their own sites; but this is not the best tool to use for experienced or advanced site owners.

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