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January 09, 2011    
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XOOPS is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by The XOOPS Project.

Xoops Summary

Extensible Object Oriented Portal System (Xoops for short) is a website application that uses PHP language and MySQL data storage. It is an object-oriented software utility that is a good choice for creating websites for small and large communities and corporations. With the demands for better content management systems and other website development toots getting higher, Xoops may be one of the best choices available. The application provides various internet modules for both its small and large websites to enhance its outlook.

Everything needed for developing and organizing websites, plus many more unique features and utilities, are provided in the Xoops software package. To better serve the needs of enthusiastic website developers, programmers and content authors, the program downloaded, redistributed and customized for free.

Xoops Features

Features offered by Xoops are very many, making it unique among other CMS software. The application provides a very interactive website that has modules that are able to announce news and events, provide forum for users and visitors, connect to various external and internal links and pages, offer many downloadable items, and many more. Furthermore, the software enables the user to create personalized modules with unique and specific functions. The modules can be activated, deactivated and reactivated at the user’s leisure. Standard modules are featured free along the software’s installation while other third party modules are available online. Accessibility of these modules can be controlled or regulated by the site’s User Management.

Another feature is that every aspects of the website can be personalized; profiles, themes, designs, and others can be edited by the user in a trice. Bolstering the program’s pristine reputation as an interactive website, Xoops also enables a fast-performing search engine optimization that allows the user to make internet searches using keywords or phrases, as well as various messaging systems that include email, chat, and much more. Another highlighting element is that the Xoops application supports many languages worldwide and capable of presenting the contents of the website in the proper grammar, logic, and even the characters of that language.

Xoops is able to present sites in many complex languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many else. Other features include a database driven system, permission and security systems, a theme based interface, and many more.

Xoops User Interface

The Xoops application has an interface that makes it user-friendly, easy to learn and use by both amateur and professional web developers and owners. The modules and tools are presented in such a way that modifying any aspect of the website is just a mouse-click away.

The icons are presented in a simple yet elegant design, with a clear background, making the application visually stimulating. The program is virtually easy to use; no complicated programming is needed to install and operate it. Its permissions and security systems monitor traffic within the website and filters out spam contents or any other unfriendly elements that could be damaging.

The system code can also be accessed easily, allowing the website owner maximum troubleshooting advantages, as well as the privilege of completely personalizing the website, making it completely unique.

Xoops Review

The Xoops application is noteworthy for its high quality performance and its user-friendly characteristics. Many countries around the world that hosts Xoops like China, France, UK, US, Germany, Peru, Libya, Belgium and the Netherlands worked together tirelessly to produce such exemplary features in the website. This collaboration also resulted in the use of many languages on the site.

Xoops is well-known in the content management system industry, being nominated for and winning many renowned awards globally. Indeed, Xoops is a pioneer in the development of Open Source Content Management Systems. Published in accordance with the regulations of the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License), the software package can be freely uploaded, modified, and redistributed.

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