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Vivvo CMS
January 11, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Vivvo CMS is a Content Management System Software for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by Spoonlabs d.o.o.

Vivvo CMS Summary

Vivvo content management system is a server script basically used to publish news, create content portals and other online multimedia networks. As a CMS, it provides many useful website tools for online media like header scrolls, online news feeds and polls, various subscription utilities, comments and suggestion modules, and many more. The software is very easy to use, enabled to produce and publish articles smoothly, as well as URLs that are SEO friendly and keywords that describe the article accurately. The published articles are presented beautifully on the website and can be enhanced with images, videos, and other links and applications. Each page is very stylish and can entertain the website administrator, members and visitors.

Vivvo CMS Features

Standard features provided in the Vivvo Content Management System software package include its exceptional dashboard and modules. The dashboard contains the website’s traffic statistics, log trails and comments list that can be regulated and controlled as preferred by the administrator. Handy links are included, too, that can connect the user to article status and other system supports.

The website also has many modules that include its content, files, categories, layout, and user profiles. Widgets can be accessed by using the layout modules. The Vivvo site is also enabled to browse and install extra plugins and not features in the installation package.

Plugins also include a calendar, forum, site map tools, polling, quiz creation utilities, and interaction with other contributors. They also provide reports, FAQs, various links, and product quality control. The main module presented by the software is its content module (or article tool) since the Vivvo software is specially designed for publishing. Its unique quality is that the user is permitted to write articles in HTML programming code.

Aside from its standard features, a variety of plugins and add-ons are also available through the Vivvo main website. These products include the vBulletin, a banner administrator, form designer, subscription utilities, website manager, video modules, menu designer, and many more.

Vivvo CMS User Interface

Vivvo CMS has enabled the managing of websites and the writing of its content to be not just easy but enjoyable as well. The software is very simple and not difficult to learn. Aside from these, the software is also relatively easy to administrate. The user is enabled to regulate and control the website’s assets, templates, clipboards, sub sites, skins, roots and trash bin.

The SEO portion of Vivvo CMS such as search engine URLs are easy to understand and edit as well. Paid services are also easy to learn and understand, enabling the website to earn revenue. The standard features included in the software package allow the addition or removal and the regulation of these ads. Security is also an advantage of the software. Articles, comments, and other internet traffic can be monitored by the user, and a built in module helps detect and remove spam and other unfriendly elements. Furthermore, user authentication and permissions are also provided by the CMS, enabling the user to protect the website and track login sessions.

Vivvo CMS Review

Vivvo CMS is a great aid for web developers and owners in building and managing multimedia websites. To provide search engines, content syndication and good maintenance, the software package offers a management system that is easy to understand and use, a website that is familiar with more than 20 languages worldwide, a wide array of themes, widgets and plugins, integration of some of the most popular website and applications, and many more.

Vivvo software is being developed and enhanced constantly, with each newer version better and more feature full than before. The software also has a large community of users who can offer a lot of tips, help and services (one can simply interact with them through the main page’s forum). Vivvo continues to be a leading content management system innovator and producer.

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