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January 09, 2011    
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TextPattern is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by Team TextPattern.

Textpattern Summary

Textpattern is a software that is not just a plain CMS (Content Management System), but a mean blog engine as well. It allows users do both design and content in one platform: two conventional CMS missions that are long-lost on most CMS software.

Textpattern Features

Textpattern lets users write directly on its easy to use interface. It comes with Textile, a feature that converts plain text into valid XHTML. It organizes and uploads files in a browser-based interface, allowing easy access wherever the user is located. Textpattern users can protect their articles by password encryption.

Texpattern is a flexible engine designed to work with virtually all website types such as blogs, online stores or corporate websites. It allows limitless site sections and offers a number of page layouts and styles as well. It uses browser-based SCC and template editing but has a user-friendly tag language that is similar to XML.

Spammers are restrained with Textpattern’s anti-spamming system, which requires verification before comment publishing. Because it is tested by Textpattern Community members before release, the software is guaranteed to work with unwavering standard.

Website administrators and bloggers alike will benefit well with Textpattern’s flexible plugin concept. This platform is so versatile, it can use a wide array of add-ons or plugins that can have many useful functions. While using these plugins, users will notice ease of use with the plugin composer and code template as well.

In addition, Textpattern lets users categorize their content accordingly. It also gives clearly-generated URLs that make it easier for site visitors and beneficial for SEOs.

Users can control the articles’ time and date; they can also control how long a comment can stay on your article.

Available in more than 40 languages, Textpattern can be used globally and owners can set up indefinite number of website authors with different levels of privileges. The software also encourages visitors sign up to the website newsletter, thus promoting higher number of visits. Aside from these, the interaction between members is possible with Textpattern’s online community. If members have problems regarding operation, the software’s developers are easy to reach and can help solve problems.

Textpattern User Interface

Textpattern’s easy to manage interface offers privileges to unlimited number of site authors who can post, edit, and design web sites or blogs. It works very simple and offers unlimited number of categories for files, links and most especially articles. The interface is basically click and write system; very much similar with Blogger or Wordpress.

Textpattern Software Review

Textpattern is ideal for blogs, photoblogs, business sites, online catalogs, download sites and portals, magazine sites, review and tutorial sites and more. This software has a simple interface and can handle various PHP content really well. One great feature is that it can import any blog from Movable Type, b2evolution, Wordpress and Blogger and specify the place, section or category you want the blog to be.

However, some useful features that other CMS have aren’t found in Textpattern. One missing feature is the WYSIWYG editor. Without the WYSIWYG editor, users are forced to learn different commands in order to configure text. With this application, users are required to have extensive knowledge in PHP language, which is basically not required on platforms like Blogger and Wordpress.

Although it lacks certain features, Textpattern still boasts some that most CMS do not have. It has a number of plugins that can come very handy in creating a website. For instance, users can download a plugin that allows them to embed YouTube videos into blogs easily. For online shops, there is a plugin where administrators can place a shopping cart easy enough for online shoppers to use. Aside from these, users are also allowed to enhance their own interface and customize it to fit their needs.

All in all, Textpattern is a very good CMS. By downloading the right plugins, users can get the best out of it. Having PHP skills will make things a lot smoother as well while using and publishing content with Textpattern.

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