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Stockbox Photo Gallery
December 04, 2010    
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Software Summary

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Stockbox Photo Gallery is a content management system software for web servers by publisher Stockbox Photo.

Stockbox Photo Gallery Summary

Stockbox Photo Gallery is a software that offers photographers and artists an affordable place on where to upload, display, and put their works on sale. Users are allowed to create their own photo library and build a proofing system online so they can stop paying third party website providers with overpriced commissions.

Stockbox Photo Gallery is a cross platform, server side program that puts users in control. It uses the combined MySQL and PHP languages in order to product a fast and efficient solution.

Stockbox Photo Gallery Features

Stockbox Photo Gallery is a full-fledged online gallery generator. It also helps users manage their digital assets such as photos. This software gives users the ability to generate thumbnails automatically, use slideshows in viewing images, use the lightbox, etc. It has a built in pricing calculator that helps users price their shots accordingly.

Additionally, Stockbox Photo Gallery also allows users upload photos in batches, making upload easier and quicker. It has advanced search and capable of displaying various media formats such as videos, images and audios. This software supports IPTC formatted with XMP and has instant downloads and a built-in shopping cart with secure payment processing.

Stockbox allows addition of captions and keywords before uploading. This makes photos more detailed and more accessible all through the web. Stockbox makes managing products easy. Users can display, price and sell their prints by simply doing a few easy steps.

Additionally, Stockbox also features a customer login page that collects all login and sales transactions and keeps all these in a database. Customer emails are collected, so users can make shots of them. Moreover, the Stockbox also has an integrated email function, which notifies customers as well as users that a new product is added. Stockbox is fully-customizable. It allows full integration to users’ websites, offering seamless integration of graphics and layouts. This feature comes with a small fee.

Additional features: It allows dynamic content optimization to let search engine know your content, making it more accessible to buyers. Alt tags are added to images to make them reachable by spiders or crawlers.

The Advanced Search feature allows customers and even users search quickly by typing in a word or phrase. Users can categorize photos accordingly and label them as Black & White, License Type, For Release, etc. To limit administrative privileges, Photobox enables the Administrative Group function. This is used to customize the editing or posting rights of group members.

Stockbox Photo Gallery also has New Additions Display, Featured Media Display, Access Restrictions, Search Logs, Customized Sales Invoice and more.

Stockbox Photo Gallery User Interface

Although it offers a lot of features, Stockbox Photo Gallery is very easy to use. Amateurs and power users can both enjoy how the interface works. It is basically like eBay’s interface, but more.

Uploading is easy, and the best thing is you can add captions and make use of the automatic pricing calculator, which are by the way, very easy to implement.

Stockbox Photo Gallery Review

Stockbox is ideal for photographers and artists who want their own spot on the web. Although it is a bit pricey, its features are worth the price. The Pro version is great, too. It allows importing and keywording, plus all the work needed in doing a photo stock sale.

What most photographers like about Stockbox Photo Gallery is that they can put a photo under different categories. It support a number of payment options as well. With Stockbox Photo Gallery, photographers can now sell their images online and charge through Paypal, credit card, Google checkout and many other payment options.

All in all, Stockbox Photo Gallery is a one-stop shop for both photographers and artists alike.

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