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January 09, 2011    
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Software Summary

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SilverStripe is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by SilverStripe Limited.

SilverStripe Summary

The SilverStripe CMS is a popular open source website content management system utilized by many organizations, including governments and businesses globally. Very useful and highly easy to operate, website development groups and content authors strongly recommend it. The software was designed to create websites and intranets, and many other web applications. With its advanced structures, it helps present innovative websites that have exceptional performance. SilverStripe websites and applications are noteworthy for their beautiful design and layout, exemplary content and dynamic social interaction properties.

Aside from these, SilverStripe provides a PHP based layout called Sapphire, which makes the site object oriented, flexible and easy to customize, while also adding security, workflow, caching, and language support features. Being an open source, the CMS is created and supported by SilverStripe Ltd, renowned for producing software with focus, novelty and quality.

SilverStripe Features

SilverStripe CMS is favored by many website developers and article authors because of its effortless utilization. The Sapphire layout hides the syntax codes nicely so that it does not interfere with the work of content authors while being easy to access by the website programmers. The CMS allows the user to edit website contents with ease. Every editing control needed by an author is a standard feature provided by the software, with functions that allow the editors to make the contents look however they want without using HTML. Documents and photos are added using a drag and drop interface system and the pages and templates of the website can be customized. The CMS also has extendable themes and widgets, and the interface can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

Another feature is that the SilverStripe CMS is built using codes instead of a GUI. This makes the CMS to be easily manipulated by a programmer without resorting to complex computer language skills. Furthermore, its Sapphire framework gives web developers freedom to create intricate websites faster, allowing them to edit the syntax codes directly.

The Sapphire layout also hides the codes neatly, allowing web designers to control the visual and sensual layout of the website. Yet another feature is that the CMS allows the user to control the order and the processes of publishing and discarding new contents on the website, as well as regulating its visibility and permissions. The SilverStripe CMS helps the user plan the contents, while offering drafts and previews of the page, as well as allowing its previous version.

The system also allows the content to be shared across many websites. Other features include the CMS’s open standards such that it uses a wide variety of computer languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and that getting support is relatively easy, made possible by a 350000-strong community of SilverStripe users.

SilverStripe User Interface

SilverStripe CMS is very SEO friendly, making the user’s website easy to find and access by search engines. The URLs can also be changed and grouped as the user wants it. Content and design are separated properly allowing web developers and content authors to work freely and without interfering with each other. JavaScript and Google sitemap are included as key features in the search engine optimization system. And the CMS allows authors to add or edit data like page keywords and tags, descriptions, images and other documents.

SilverStripe Review

SilverStripe CMS is easy and flexible compared with many software packages. Simply put, it is easier to add, remove and edit files, photos, links, and pages using it. Using open standard codes allow it to be edited without the need for the user to study complicated programming; ample knowledge of the basic programming language is enough. Its Sapphire architecture’s object oriented features also prove to be an advantage, providing the user a unique interface that sets it apart from other software packages.

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