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Radiant CMS
January 11, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Radiant CMS is a Content Management System Software for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by John W. Long.

Effortless Web Management by Radiant CMS

Radiant CMS Product Summary

Nowadays, people turn more to the Internet for just about anything, and with good reason. The World Wide Web has offered people resources that haven’t been available before free of charge. It has become an outlet for users to do business transactions and establish marketing strategies. The Internet is also a way to interact with other people, whether inside social networks, by blogging, or by creating your own site. You can easily setup or modify a particular web page by adding creative layouts and designs to make it more unique and easy to distinguish from others. However, if you are not yet that adept to the world of personalization, it might be better if you first check out setup wizard tools like Radiant CMS. It centers on the three basic components that will aid you in editing your site. This is used for personal and commercial purposes only. It will help you make your own web page step by step, along with markers that will tell you what goes where. This can serve as a practice tool until you are ready to go further on your designs.

Radiant CMS Features

The Radiant CMS features a Simple Admin Interface, which can be broken down into three major parts, namely the pages, snippets, and the layouts. These will serve as the main steps that you have to edit to make the page more your own. Each of the details comes with a help section or markers, which indicate the contents of every box. It is installed with a Radius Template Language, meaning that it has created for itself its own special macro lingo. However, this software is designed to be very knowledge in all types of communication settings, and it will do well with Markdown and Textile verbal skills. The Radiant CMS has an MIT License, and it is available to anyone free of charge. It should only be used for personal and non-profitable purposes. While you are permitted to distribute copies of the software to anyone, please do not alter its contents and its name.

Radiant CMS User Interface

As mentioned above, the software works with a Simple Admin Interface, which has three components: pages, snippets, and layouts. Each of these helps you create and design your web site without difficulty. The pages section holds the essence of what your site is about. This is where you will enter the title and the body of your content. If you are feeling creative, you can insert Markdown, HTML, or Textile languages to give the page some designs. The snippets section is the place where you will write your site’s watermark. These are the contents that will be permanently be embedded into your page like the title, your headers and footers, contact details, etc. The layout section focuses more on the overall background design of your site. Here you can add everything you want. There is no need to open several tabs to edit your page because multiple sidebars and boxes are available to make modification simpler. These three components are arranged by the Flexible Site Structure, which organizes each section according to importance, and by folders.

Radiant CMS Software Review

The software comes with a Custom Text Filter, which organizes each language according to its type, such as RDoc or BBCode. It also has an Intelligent Page Caching that accumulates cookies and other contents every five minutes to keep you page clutter-free, and for it to perform at its optimal level. The Radiant CMS runs under the software Ruby on Rails, which is a well recognized Web application whose platform is similar with other content management systems and therefore, easy to operate.

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